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[Drama] Gakkou no Kaidan

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Haruna Tsubame is a timid girl who wants nothing more than a peaceful, uneventful school life. When she suddenly finds herself elected president of the student council she is driven to despair, until genius speechwriter Shizukui Kei helps her to find her voice and start a revolution in the school.


Hirose Suzu as Haruna Tsubame
Kamiki Ryunosuke as Shizukui Kei

shibashi Anna as Aso Minami
Sugisaki Hana as Koda Mimori
Suga Kenta as Aburamori Tetsuo
Mamiya Shotaro as Sudo Natsuki
Shirasu Jin as Hinata Takuto
Shimizu Kurumi as Wakiya Tamako
Yoshikura Aoi as Hazuki Emiri
Iitoyo Marie as Ibuki Rena
Kaneko Nobuaki as Tsuboi Toma
Nonami Maho as Hibiki Sumire
Kanayama Kazuhiko as Hoshi Ryuya
Izumiya Shigeru as Tokujiro
Namase Katsuhisa as Kintoki Hirao
Asano Atsuko as as Honda Mitsuko






i'm only at episode 2 but i really like this drama. Haruna is awesome for standing up against the bullies and the whole school by setting up a revolution. those rich Platina 8 brats need proper lessons as human beings


i'm curious about Kei and his back story, there must be a reason why he's helping Haruna









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Yassss, finally someone open this thread :ahmagah:

my favorite line from Kei  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:




Kei is weirdly awesome :lol:


and this :har:











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I'm watching this and Ouroboros so far this season. The leads, Hirose and Kamiki are great and I love their banter. Some of the times when Haruna stands up to those rich bullies are of her own will which I love.


And the ending of ep2 with regarda to Kei, I can think of at least 2 possibilities.


And the theme song! Perfect song from B'z.


i'm loving the theme song as well

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I just watched the third episode, it's getting better and better  :lol:


I have a theory about who Kei was but it rather grim.........



Probably he started a revolution too when he was in Meirin HS but he failed, and then something terrible happened--maybe bullying gone wrong, it made him crippled :._.:  



i felt the same as well because the headmistress said that Haruna reminded her of someone from the past


Haruna is adorable, how brave of her when she confessed her feeling, that hippo hat looks so cute on her

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