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The Official Thread of YoonMin [Yoongi & Jimin] | Mini Mini |

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I'm a 99% this is the original pic.



hmm really? they took a pic of suga with just jimin thighs...lol ok i'll take anything  :lol:

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Boys in luv japanese era interview




Catch Up with BTS

Relay Interview Vol. 9 JIMIN x SUGA

Name: JIMIN / Birth Name: Jimin Park / DOB: October 13, 1995 / Blood Type: A / Position: Vocal and Dance /Favourite subjects: Math, Phys Ed, Art / Least favourite subjects: History and Social Studies

Name: SUGA / Birth Name: Yoongi Min / DOB: March 9, 1993 / Blood Type: O / Favourite subjects: Social Studies, History and Phys Ed / Fun fact: SUGA first started to rap when he was in grade 5.


「It’s all thanks to my father that I am able to be here right now.ã€


「I want to be a person that continues to chase after his dream.ã€

With another success of their second single, 『BOY IN LUV〠BTS is proving themselves to be the next big thing.

SUGA「We are Miniminiz~ã€

JIMIN「Wait! You and I are both MC of the day so we need to do everything together. (Laughs)ã€

SUGA「Alright. Then should we come up with a name? How’s Miniminiz? We are the shortest in BTS.ã€

JIMIN「Sadly, that’s the only commonality that I can think of between us. (Sobs)ã€

SUGA「We are both from Gyeongsangdo.ã€

JIMIN「We are both nosey too.ã€

SUGA「Maybe it’s a Gyeongsangdo thing. Speaking of which, can you stop speak in a dialect? (Laughs) I am trying my best to use standard Korean.ã€

JIMIN ã€ŒYou remind me of my hometown! (Brushes himself against SUGA) I miss my parents. What did your parents say when you told them you wanted to become a singer? ã€

SUGA「They were really against it for like half a year. They’re really strict. I think they wanted me to grow up and have a steady job since they worked really hard to raise me. But now they totally support me and tell me that they are proud to have me as their son.ã€

JIMIN ã€ŒMine were not particularly against it. My mother was like do whatever you love to me. My father on the other hand rather wanted me to become a prosecutor or lawyer but when I told him that I wanted to become a singer, he was very supportive. I really do think that it’s all because of him that I was able to get this far. What about your teachers?ã€

SUGA「They were totally against it too, especially my grade 10 math teacher. He played a drum when he was young so I guess he knew how hard it is to be successful as a singer. He was strict but I still leaned a lot from him.ã€

JIMIN「I think I was fortunate enough to have fairly supportive teachers. My grade 8 teacher told me that I should do music no matter what. She still remembers and supports me.ã€

SUGA「Lucky you. I was always told that I would not succeed or that music won’t do any good for me. But maybe it was those harsh words that really motivated me to continue and got me this far. ã€

JIMIN「Maybe they didn’t really mean it but did it on purpose, to motivate you.ã€

SUGA「Oh well. (Laughs)ã€

JIMIN「Finally! I am 20 years old! I still can’t believe it! Do you have any advice for me, a new adult?ã€

SUGA「I personally don’t like being an adult. Being an adult comes at a price. You are now faced with a reality which kind of pressures you to chase after stability and security so they become your new dream. That’s why I don’t consider myself or rather don’t want to consider myself as an adult. Sure, my age will define as an adult but I want to be a teenage-adult who is still chasing after his dream. I wish you can be like that too. Stay innocent, be naive. But still dream big. Dream big to the point that it is beyond your ability and endeavour to achieve it. So dream big and don’t lose your innocence.ã€

JIMIN「Thanks for such a great advice!ã€


Trans by. 김누나 (@newnumbyeah)
[bTS Magazine Trans] hanryupia 9/30


from blackcoffeex



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Mhhh i should be more active in this thread too since Yoonmin is my otp.




I love this pic. Black haired Suga needs a comeback :rlytearpls:

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