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Japanese Male Celebrities Well Known to be Gay Part 3

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Japanese Male Celebrities Well Known to be Gay Part 3


Translated by Owatari @ www.onehallyu.com



Hiroki Narimiya


There has been talks that Narimiya would court patrons when he used to work at 2-chome before his debut. He is also said to frequent Kabukichou. (Kabukichou is essentially the red light district of Tokyo. It's home to love hotels, bars, night and host(ess) clubs, etc.)

Tatsuya Fujiwara


There is evidence that he used to work at a Shibuya Brothel. A customer retold an account of how they like Tatsuya and how he had a boyfriend.

Yoshikazu Mera


He is the person that sang the theme song for Princess Mononoke. In the past he was hit with a  shocking gay prostitution scandal that cause quite an event.  But in an interview he said "To sum up my taste, I like beautiful people. Rather than being gay, I want to embrace beautiful things. I have expensive taste."

Teppei Koike


In the past, on Music Soldier (Nihon TV) regarding a rumor involving  "Wentz and Koike" Teppei Koike answered "no" and Wentz answered "yes" causing the conversation to resurface. Subsequently 5 years later they casted more doubt on themselves as they spent Christmas together. It is speculated that they spend their time together even now.

Mokomichi Hayami


In the past, he was to be said in deep love with Misaki Ito, at that time it was said to be a great plan to conceal any doubt about his sexuality.



To add to this list of gay men in the Japanese industry that may not have officially come out is a list men that have officially come out as either gay or bisexual.

Tanaka Roma (Singer, Stage Actor)
In 2012 he came out as part of the LGBT community.
(Fun fact: he actually was in a low budget gay TV series and there are NSFW gifs of him on tumblr)

Miyoshi Eiji (Enka Singer)
In 2007 he came out as bisexual.


He has come out as bisexual

Sakurai Ao (Musician, Artist)
Came out as gay.


The following 5 men are all comedians.

Yasuda Yoshinori

He came out in 2008 as bisexual saying with a ratio of 8 to 2 he prefers men.

Egashira 2:50

He has come out as bisexual.

(Fun Fact: Has an interesting action figure)

Imura Masaru
Has come out as gay.

Ken Maeda
Mentioned in part 2, but officially came out in 2005.

Matazo Mimata

Is bisexual.

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The following 6 men are all novelist/writers.

Sakurada Munehisa

Came out as gay in 2001. He has formed a unit with Yoshikawa Hinano called spica

Ryousuke Hashiguchi

Is gay and has directed the notable gay films " Nagisa no Sindbad" and "Gururi no koto"

Irie Atsuhiko

Is gay and married

SuzukaKe Shin (poet)

Has announced that he is gay.

Takahashi Mutsuo

Is gay and continues to creat a variety of work in different writing fields (tanka, poems haikus etc.)

Fushimi Noriaki

Has announced that he is gay. He is the leading writer when it comes to the genre of Gender/Sexuality

Lastly we have general notable people in the Japanese public

Wataru Ishizaka


(Expert of Education and psychology in raising a child with a disability. Social worker and Congressman)
Together with Taiga Ishikawa he became one of the first two openly gay politicians in Japan.

Ishikawa Taiga

See above

Taira Aika (Japanese Christian Religious Community Clergyman)
He was appointed before he announced his coming out

Danshoku Dino (Pro Wrestler)

Gay and also plays a gay wrestling character


And for those of you curious there will be a list for women out soon :)

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Teppei and Narimiya are gay?



i'm suddenly starting to think they'd make a cool couple.

Fujiwara ... wow.


how accurate is this ... ? cause part 2 has Akanishi Jin and he's married and has a kid. though Jin could be  bisexual.


curiosity aroused: what about Kame-chan?

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Oh, really interesting.

How does the japanese public react to homosexual celebs?


It can go either way honestly. They can be blacklisted and lose their fame or maintain it if they are talented/ have a decent enough fan base. Although I do know that gay actors may get typecast into really stereotypical roles




Had to add more to the list for my girl :meow:  hahah :lol:


And for those of you wondering those who are married to women fall under the bisexual catagory. The article just said gay so I wrote gay.

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lol Tanaka Roma.

I watched that series after seeing the gifs.

and that was before I learned of his Japanese career. :hurr:


What's it called?  :ninja:

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