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Master Lyric Video Thread.

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This is where all of the songs that have been turned into lyric videos by the Subbing Team will be listed out.


Songs are in Alphabetical Order by Artist Name.


Chinese Songs

Huang Yali - 田园香 (Fragrance of Countryside)

Jane Huang - åªæ€•æƒ³å®¶ (Just Afraid of Being Homesick)

Jane Huang - ç„¡è²æŠ—è­° (Silent Protest)

Jess Lee - 煎熬 (Suffering)

JiaJia - 塵埃 (Dust)

JJ Lin - Brave New World

Jolin Tsai - 第三人稱 (The Third Person and I)

Jolin Tsai - We're All Different, Yet The Same

Nick Chou - Heartache

Rainie Yang - Amnesic Goldfish

Rainie Yang - In Fact, We All Deserve Happiness

Rainie Yang - 点水 (Lightly Touching the Water)

Soft Lipa feat. Lala Hsu - 噓... (Shh...)

THEXIT – 大城市å°é›žè…¿ (Big City Small Drumsticks) (The Fighter Cover)


Japanese Songs

Dream - Konna Ni Mo (ã“ã‚“ãªã«ã‚‚)

Flower - Akizake No Ansa (秋風ã®ã‚¢ãƒ³ã‚µãƒ¼)

Happiness - Seek A Light

Jasmine - Last Word

J-Min - Song On My Guitar

MAY'S - My Everything

My First Story - CHiLD-error-

Shionoya Sayaka - 輪花 (A Flower)


Korean Songs

10cm - ì§ì‚¬ëž‘ (Crush)

20 years of age ft. Moon Hyuna - 지워지지 않는 11ìžë¦¬ 번호 (Indelible 11 Digit Number)

HA:TFELT - Ain't Nobody

Junha Park - ë‹®ì€ ì‚¬ëžŒ (Someone Who Looks Like You)

Legend - í”ì  (Traces)

Pungdeng E - 배추보쌈 (Baechu Bossam)

Rico - Special

Sweden Laundry & Letterflow - í©ì–´ì§„다 (Scattered)

Verandah Project - Train

Zia - 누가 거짓ë§í–ˆë‚˜ìš” (Who Lied)

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I'm watching the Eyes Nose Lips MV for the first time with your subs lol

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