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SBS Running Man 런�맨 Thread – Don't Walk, RUN!

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I loved the fan meeting episodes. Didn't even care it was split into 3 parts. Just seeing them work so hard to put on a performance for the fans made me teary.

Jihyo shined so much in the fanmeet. She looked stiff and awkward in the practice sessions but she pulled it off. I loved her little rap spotlight as well. I have mixed feelings about her purpose in the show at times but seeing her emotional really got to me. 

The collaboration songs are all really good. Party is a bop. Jeon Soran + YJS's performance got me so hyped. F-Killer performance was absolutely beautiful. Bonjour Hi is my type of chill jam.

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On 10/4/2019 at 7:45 PM, JiyeonFati said:

Last eps was pretty much a vacation. Some interesting part but that all.

Yup, I agree. It had some good parts, but overall it was a little too flat for me.

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i loved the fanmeet episodes and all the preparation before, they did well :)

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