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CF Got7 are the new endorsement model for J.ESTINA

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GOT7 members flaunt their friendship with matching 'J.ESTINA' rings


According to J.ESTINA'the friendship rings are called 'Seven Rings' andthe boys of GOT7are the official endorsement models forthe ring set"


members are showing off their loyalty and friendship with matching friendship rings designed by Korean jewelry brand, J.ESTINA.


According to 'J.ESTINA,' the friendship rings are called 'Seven Rings' and the boys of GOT7 are the official endorsement models for the ring set. The specially designed rings can be bought in a set or separately.


GOT7 Friendship Ring. ‘7Ring’ links you and I.

"GOT7 Friendship Ring. All 7 members got our ring specially made. J.ESTINA Friendship Ring, put on your ‘7Ring’ and Hwaiting!"

When two rings come together it creates the shape ‘+.’ Melee diamond represents the meaning of ‘forever.’ The ring represents something deeper than friendship; it represents deeper friendship as soul mates.

Also, If you hold the ring longitudinally it creates the shape ‘7.’ This ring represents the fortune of meeting valuable people and spending time together with them.


trans © fyeah-marktuan


Check out each member rocking their ring in the individual pictures below! 




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Makes sense to find someone new. G-Dragon was too expensive.

Meh, they had him when he was hot of coup de tat. They are moving on to fresher things. GD sells well but for some reason not as impactful on CF's ... I mean TOP's syrup's composition got more traffic than GD's LG composition. Came out way later but double the views.

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I like the design of the ring, simple and elegant.

Four endorsements in their first year, they're doing really well like their seniors.

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