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The Official SeeYa (씨야) Thread


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SeeYa were a three-member girl group who debuted under Mnet in 2006 with the singles "Shoe" and "Scent of a woman", they were renowned for their vocal ability.


Originally composed of Kim Yeonji (main vocals), Lee Boram (lead vocals) and Nam Gyuri (visual), the group enjoyed substantial success during its early years but struggled with internal conflicts. This culminated in Nam Gyuri leaving the group under great controversy in 2009. Gyuri was swiftly replaced with a new member, Lee Soomi, but the group would never reach the same heights again. In 2010 Soomi left the group to join labelmates Co-Ed School, and the group disbanded in early 2011, signing off with one last performance by the original line-up.

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The First Mind (2006)

Lovely Sweet Heart (2007)

California Dream (2008)

Brilliant Dreams (2008)

Rebloom (2009) (Mini Album)



The Day (Yeonji & BEG's JeA)

Blue Moon (As "Color Pink", SeeYa, Davichi and Black Pearl)

Women's Generation (SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara)

Wonder Woman (SeeYa, Davichi, T-ara)

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Nam Gyuri is actress now ir she starred in 49 Days main role do you know or do not?

Yeah I knew she was an actress but I haven't really followed her so I don't know which roles she's played.

As for Soomi I think she featured on a D-Unit single.

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Can't believe I didn't know about this thread.  :derp:


Guess I better get better at search.

It can be almost impossible to find threads but there's a thread where most of the official threads are listed:


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  • love changed the title to The Official SeeYa (씨야) Thread

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