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How did you get into anime?

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I was just sitting in the library at school and I've always been contemplating between reading manga or not. I never really liked manga (let's just say that i had a typical view on manga-the drawings, graphics, stories etc). But, I was just browsing through the manga shelf, and I decided to read Boys Over Flowers because it looked good. My friend taught me how to read it and I was confused at which bubble to read first and other stuff. 

So after reading Boys Over Flowers, I read Fruits Basket and my cousin was also new to manga and she liked FB as well as I did so she brought the anime and we watched it together. 

How does your story go?

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Watching Sailor Moon as a kid on tv -> remembering it years later -> downloads episodes -> discovers other animes -> watches them -> gets into k-pop -> the end

I just tried anime today for the first time. My sister used to watch it and I've wanted to try it for a while, and since I'm taking a Japanese class rn I thought it would be a good time to start watch

i watch the anime since i was a kid on TV  so dun really know how i got in to it 

A friend introduced me to Shugo Chara back in the 5th grade. Rediscovered it years later and the rest is history  :smile:

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The first proper anime I watched was Death Note (excluding shows like Doraemon/Pokemon/Digimon when I used to watch younger).

IDK, someone told me to draw L from Death Note, and I didn't know who he was, so I had to watch the anime to find out. Then after how amazing the show was, I got hooked I had always wanted to get into anime though anyway, because my brother was already an anime fan.

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Used to watch Yu Gi Oh, Bey Blade, Metabots, Sailor Moon etc. as a kid. Then progressed to watching AMV's of said shows. Then, thanks to the internet, I found out about Bleach and Naruto. Showed it to my friend who then showed me Hana Kimi Drama version. Which then led me to watching Ouran HSHC.


All this in about the time frame of like two years... After Ouran it just led to me watching other shows, like Furuba, Special A etc.

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