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What Chinese Or Taiwanese Drama Are You Currently Watching?

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I like your review. Are you caught up with the drama? I watched up to ep 5 a couple weeks ago, and haven't decided if I wanna keep watching. It's good, and a unique drama, but it wasn't anything that hooked my attention and made me anticipate for new eps to come out.


I started this right after I read that it's by the same people as The Fierce Wife. Interesting so far, looking forward to see how this turns out. Digging the whole Vanness look the guy's got going, lol. Don't really have a thing for long hair or skinny guys, but it works on him. 

haha thank you! I've only watched the first episode so far. 


I'm watching Pinocchio (the Korean drama) right now, which is pretty entertaining.

I'm actually more excited for the taiwanese dramas coming out next year because they look more exciting. 

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Yeah, he didn't look that great in the pics and trailer, but in the drama he's pretty good looking. First drama and he lands a spot as one of the lead males? Nice. I like how this drama isn't obvious about which male is the lead, so you don't automatically know who the girl will end up with. This is actually my first Annie Chen drama. She's really pretty. 


Where are you finding Da Mo Yao with subs? I'm still on ep 30 because the channel I was watching on has stopped subbing. And so far Boysitter isn't as good as Fierce Wife. But tbh, Fierce Wife wasn't amazing right from the start. So I'm gonna stick around and see where this one goes too. But I'm so happy to be seeing fans of TFW on here! I feel like it didn't get much attention internationally, so I almost never see people talking about it online.


Lol. What are the good upcoming TW dramas? I haven't been keeping up.



the main one I want to watch is Investigative Hero (ihero). i'm not sure when it's going to air, but it looks like the budget is pretty good. hopefully the script won't be a complete mess.... i think that's the faultiest part of taiwanese dramas lol


i'm also waiting for My Name is Chen Yi Jun. it stars tammy chen as a political figure, but i don't think the preview is out yet. 


i think i'm gonna check out the Empress of China, but that 80 episode count is somewhat of a turnoff lol 

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