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OneHallyu's Token "Black Market" (cap: 225K wons)

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4. CAP on selling plat tokens. The current cap is going to be 225k

Summary: Plat prices seem to only go up and up, so we have come with a regulation to avoid the prices getting any crazier. The current will be 225k won for a plat


What does this mean?

That you cannot sell your plats for anything higher than 225k. You may go lower if you wish but anything higher will not be allowed


What will happen if i sell my plat tokens for more than 225k?

You will receive a 3 month ban from the events team as well as from receiving or buying prizes from us. Meaning during your ban you cannot play our games, receive prizes even if they are gifts and you cannot buy items from us


How will you know if someone is cheating?

Well this is hard so we will rely on users contacting an events team member with proof like link to the post where someone was trying to sell for higher or the PM where they did in order for us to check and verify and then provide the ban


Where will i know if im banned?

You will be notified via a PM if you were to be banned


Can you guys instead regulate every transaction via PM's like in the past?

One of the reasons why change from just spreadsheet to factual items in the market for the tokens is cause it was very time consuming to check PM's for people that wanted to sell tokens to each other and atm is not something we can do again. So we will rely on you guys to notify so be active and smart, dont get scammed


Where can i sell plats?

The Black Market Thread is your best bet.


Will the cap always  be 225k?

Well this is the first time we have put a cap on selling plats so we will see how it goes so changes might be made

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alisonn over

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If you're one of those ppl who like changing their dp and sig 24/7 I'LL DO IT FOR YOU EVERY TIME

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