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OneHallyu's Token "Black Market" (cap: 225K wons)

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can't believe i lost my proof of marriage. I wanted to drag you to hell and back


Yeah you better not sis... I once PMd them asking if their ring was an OTP or a member ring (the ring is tae x jk but the users UN was tae lol) but they made it clear they werent interested in changing. I asked cause I thought Taehyung might be taken. And Daesan PMd them recently so yeah... poor user prolly is sick getting PMd cause of the ring but hey you can always try

well,looks like i'll have to wait until she deactivates or something

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Hi people

I’ll only get few flop tokens so anyone knows what can i do with them?

What I mean is there is only 3 silver and I don’t plan on collecting them so I don’t think anyone would be interested in buying them?

So is there some kinda option like selling it back to market place?

How much would it make? 10k?

you can buy stuff with platinum tokens, and you can sell back gold, silver and bronze tokens for 15k,10k and 5k respectively

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