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Interview [Natalie: JPN] TK from Ling Tosite Shigure「Fantastic Magic�Interview

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TK from Ling Tosite Shigure「Fantastic Magicã€Interview

translation by Owatari @ www.onehallyu.com







TK from Ling toeite Sigure has released his second album "Fantastic Magic" This time songs are being used for the opening of the TV Anime "Tokyo Ghoul" , on air naka's "unravel" and there is a collaboration song with Chara, "Shinkiro" in total there has been 10 songs recorded.


This time, Natalie has interviewed TK to see differences between being solo and in a band, impressions of his new work, and what he thinks regarding his live performances.


What Is Your Solo Identity


── In March you released "contrast" and in July it was decided that your song "unravel" would be used as the opening theme for the anime Tokyo Ghoul. Was your thought and work process different for the production of each piece?  


When making "contrast" I was thinking of what is my solo identity. Because I wanted to enter the process with as much intensity as possible I used Shigure as a test model.This time I think I wanted to create a piece that was focused on the piano, with a simple sound. 


── Because of your release of "flowering," (Your first album released in June 2012) did you begin to think about the differentiation of your activity with Ling Tosite Shigure and yourself?


In regard to the differentiation between being in a band and being solo has been called into question a lot by interviewers. To me it's very vague, but more than you can imagine everyone equates intensity with Shigure. Since my guitar playing is intense and the music is uptempo, my solo music is said to be like Shigure's. Now I can say I have arrived at the place where I am doing the work of 3 as a solo act. I feel I can do what I prefer without having to worry about crossing any borders.


── What is similar about the methods you use as a solo artist and when your in a band when making music?


Shigure is my guitar and the sound of 3 people, but as a solo act the tone of the piano has led much of my music.  I feel like the music will always come with the guitar, declaring the *fret sound like looking at the scenery of everything. I think that if the sound that I know that has been in this left hand were to change a little then everything might change.


── The cords are the same, but the feeling of the guitar and the piano differ?


Yes that is right. With a little different angle new words rose before me, and I received an entirely different inspiration.


── Is that what you would say is specifically different?


In Shigure, usually the 3 of us are searching for the limits in our own sound, In a sense I think I was searching for a color that has now been proclaimed more colorful in the piano. Probably, I think that is what is different in the tone of my music. I feel like being solo has been about finding the rich color of the piano.


Beauty inside the Grotesque life


── You wrote "unravel" as a request for the opening theme of an anime.


Yes that's right. I met Ishida Sui San (creator of tokyou ghoul)  before when he came to a Shigure live and we met for the first time.  On another occasion I took on the request after reading the original work because I was quickly drawn into that world view. I was continually anxious so I went out an bought more volumes (laughs). 


── Though it is a considerably grotesque work, the song received high praise from anime fans.


Seemingly, I think the thing called life was drawn beautifully and is great, but the grotesque part tends to be captured. If I focused in on that point, I felt that more than usual, I could capture the words for this. 


── Starting with only your voice the song has impact.


I wanted something piercing while giving off the feeling of quietness. Because I couldn't do anything with just my voice until now, I wonder if it'll be interesting if I can start the world from my voice.   


Wanting to Cast a Spell Over those listening


── Did you decide on ten tracks whole at the early stages of recording the album?


No, at the time I finished  "Unravel" around June there was to be 9 songs. I wanted to make one more piece and created "Spiral Parade." This was truly the limit, If I could make 9 songs then I could continue to compose at this time.


── Did you feel something wasn't enough?


At the time when we were making the title track "Fantastic Magic," The image of "Magic" of the highest grade was vague so in my head I attached "Fantastic" (laughs). This time, I wanted people listening to my music to be in a state like magic had been casted upon then so I came up with the album title, and afterwards with one more song I thought the magic could increase. It's a sensible story to the very end. 


── I see.  By the way, could the same be said for  "Shinkiro" the collaboration song with Chara san?


It's a duet that expresses something like that (laughs) 


── Ah, I was right (laughs) I think competing before live, the moments your two singing voices overlap in this song it's a strong work of the "Magic feeling"


Ordinarily, fragmented demos don't really get produced, but the floating adult atmosphere of the introductory part like rainy scenery and singing to my own accompaniment existed in the demo. It was like that, but thoroughly beautiful. At the time I think I wanted to enter a consciousness in the light there, if I can somehow enter the thing that cannot control me, with that I think I could put the finishing touches on the song.


── Did anything else come in addition to the way you imagined it?


I think that a female singer that I can do it together with doesn't really exist.


── What do you mean by that?


I mean that my voice and music are so unique (laughs).


── I see. 


There are a lot of wonderful female musicians out there, but in contrast with my voice and uniqueness, I think I am better off alone. When I finished mixing, I had the feeling "With a special companion, I went to the farthest place too much and came to the place where the result was nearest. 


── It was the above that I had imagined.


I couldn't imagine that. If it is the case that it is 345 and I can do it with a key in this neighborhood I wondered "is that how it is" Of course I understood this, but this time I didn't do **preprocessor commands. Sending songs, if I asked "Is this key okay?"  I would just respond "it's okay" (laughs)


── That's what you would call rough (laughs).


It is. If I were to rush into a performance without knowing how much is okay, frankly, with a feeling of my pace I entered the booth and changed it completely in one go…… It was novel with isolation. Not with the words written by me, but with Chara san's words.


── Inside of the intensity that TK san holds there are what you would call delicate parts because there is this image of how you produce something by neatly stacking things into a piece of work that currently exist, your response of this rough procedure was unexpected. 


That's right, probably (laughs). No matter what happens certainly one way or another it's because I have conviction that it will turn it to what's called becoming like the light.


── Was it that conviction that I received as confidence in your solo work?


Confidence… isn't really there (laughs). I think it's probably just that I wanted to do something. Moving in the direction I might be anxious in, certainly what I compose with my own hand  might balance, it was clear that there was nothing that could be taken from me.



The Song Completed in Berlin "tokio"


── The piano recital of "tokio" emits brightness unlike any other music.


The impression of 1 song can be different when listed together with the previous song. In the middle of the album, I felt that suddenly the world changed. 


── This is the from the DVD recording, will it be placed on the album?


The mix is a little different, the sound at that time. I always produced and recorded songs, and mix at the same place, sometimes I go abroad. I thought if doing this song when I went to Berlin and with the act of rising from Japan, words floated with the environment of the place I was now at. This song was recorded at a recording studio I rented for 3 hours. It is that I received tuning by a piano enthusiast and went on with recording. 


── This time, have you record abroad elsewhere?


Nope. I can't go overseas. But I always aim to (laughs). 


── How many times do you plan to fly away if you are free?


If a work is competed; always…… immediately…… anytime (laughs)


── (Laughs). This year 3 titles were released and they are considerably energetic.


Is that so. It is unprecedented for me to released three things in 1 year. Rather than that, until now I was just a little uncertain, but  the approach was the same.


── In relation to being solo, do you talk to members of Shigure?


We talk. While I'm solo together we create and update Shigure demos. When respective new projects begin I'm excited. 



* FRET (Frets are strips made from metal (generally an alloy of nickel and brass) which are embedded along a guitar's fretboard. By depressing a string against the guitar fretboard behind a fret, the vibrating length of that string changes, and a specific note results.)

** Preprocessor - In computer science, a preprocessor is a program that processes its input data to produce output that is used as input to another program. The output is said to be a preprocessed form of the input data, which is often used by some subsequent programs like compilers.

*** Questions regarding his live tour were difficult to translate, but I'll add them as soon as I can. There are only 3 remaining questions. 


TK from 凛ã¨ã—ã¦æ™‚雨 TOUR 2014「Fantastic Color Collectionã€

2014å¹´10月8日(水) æ±äº¬éƒ½ Zepp DiverCity TOKYO

2014年10月16日(木) 宮城県 Rensa

2014年10月22日(水) 愛知県 DIAMOND HALL

2014å¹´10月23日(木) 大阪府 ãªã‚“ã°Hatch

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thank you so much for the translation!  :ahmagah:

hmm he seems to have more passion and prefers to work solo. b-b-but Ling...

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Omg he reads TG !!! I love him already <3 anddd unravel is such a haunting sound and fits the story and its main lead. And he described the song perfectly.


Anyways I recently fell in love with this group and I must say their music is really different and I absolutely love the flow of instrument they got in the songs.

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Thank you so much for the translation!! :ahmagah:  For me this is definitely one of the best albums released this year.


It's interesting to see what he says he thinks is the distinction between is solo music and the group's (I find the former somewhat less frenetic than the latter). Looking forward to what the future brings for him solo/as part of his group.

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Thank you for translating. I had seen TK's interview with Natalie but was having a hard time understanding it. I like his solo work more than his work with his band, Ling Tosite Sigure. So in some ways, I am somewhat happy to hear he feels more freedom when doing solo work.


Also very surprised too. He read some of the Tokyo Ghoul manga. Very interesting :lol:

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But the translation is wrong in many places, and paints TK in the wrong light. Simple example from the first part:



(because) A lot of people around me would say "it's close to Sigure" when I added even a little intensity [to my solo stuff].


But the translation here is


Because I wanted to enter the process with as much intensity as possible I used Shigure as a test model




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