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[Continuous Updates] Jessica Leaves SNSD?

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I hope that sly fox Taeyeon is happy now.

Did Jessica Leave SNSD?     This was a new comment from her. (Now deleted)   You all know by now, that a peculiar message was posted on Jessica's Weibo.   However, there are some very possi

I am a none-sone but what happened to SNSD is a bit similar to what happened to tv5xq except that here, her own members wanted her out and conspired against her, I am not going to point my finger to taeyeon and say that she was the brain behind this mess (enven if some of you are convienced that it was her) to me all the 8 remaining SNSD members are responsible for this, and also this enlightened us who believed that kpop was a perfect world.

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"If one member has to leave or get married, then we will quit SNSD together. We want to remain together as 9." - SoNyeoShiDae


Those words would be so hard to swallow right now.



Welp. Never was a fan of SNSD, and my biases are Tiffany, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. And I never liked Jessica but more power to her if all these things are true. 

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