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[Continuous Updates] Jessica Leaves SNSD?

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Did Jessica Leave SNSD?




This was a new comment from her. (Now deleted)



You all know by now, that a peculiar message was posted on Jessica's Weibo.


However, there are some very possible errors within this situation.


First of all, TTS has been promoting normally, with no signs of any internal turmoil. Fan accounts of their recordings and fansigns have not shown anything that could be out of the ordinary.


Second, Sunny has continued her DJ-ing stint, and she also, has been continuing as normal.


Now of course, this could all be due to their professionalism, however, if they were this professional, they would definitely not forcefully kick a member, right? This seems the most logical.


Yuri has also created a Weibo account, and she has followed Jessica. Yuri even wore leopard print clothes! (Jessica is known to wear Leopard print a lot) (This isn't exactly relevant, but it shows that Yuri may have at least taken into consideration) - Now the concerning factor here, is that Jessica has not followed back Yuri.


SNSD currently has a schedule planned for 17:30 KST (Roughly 12 hours) in Shenzhen, China. This is meant to be a fan meeting. We'll see if she shows up to that.


Jessica's Sone+ Japan post from September 24 stated that she was looking forward to the Tokyo Dome concert in December.


Remember that she also posted a selca with Tiffany and Hyoyeon celebrating Hyo's birthday too. This was on September 22.


Also remember, that all 9 members have renewed their contract WITH SM for 3 more years. This does not necessarily mean that they have to be part of SNSD for those 3 years, but it is assumed that they will stay as a group.


On the BLANC Group website, there is zero mention of Girls' Generation in the About Blanc profile. This may prove vital in showing a reason why Jessica may have left. 


One possibility is that her account has been compromised.

The other possibility is that this is definitely true, and Jessica is using Weibo as her medium to announce it. This would give her complete control over what was said, avoiding any SM word-twisting.


September 30

[update] 06:44 KST: Her comment (the second picture) was deleted.

[update] 07:17 KST: No Korean news sources have reported on the matter yet. This is logical, since it is still very early in the morning there. K-Netz are currently also assuming that this is a compromised account, however, they know just as much as us International fans.

[update] 08:20 KST: There are currently only 8 members (no Jessica) at the airport. Airport pictures are showing very sad members.

[update] 09:00 KST: Tiffany has "no comment" on the current situation. Based on fan reports, she seems quite angry.

[update] 09:47 KST: SM Stocks continue to fall, hovering around a loss of 4.00% for the day.

[update] 09:49 KST: Jessica visited the same lawyer that JYJ used during their contract dispute with SM last month. ^

[update] 09:53 KST: JYJ's lawyer has denied that he has met with Jessica.

[update] 10:43 KST: Jessica planned to marry Tyler Kwon next year. They are already currently working in the fashion industry together. Article states that Jessica was also neglecting SNSD activities. ^

[Update] 11:19 KST: Jessica and Tyler Kwon were spotted in New York City's airport arrivals, 5 minutes apart. ^

[update] 11:23 KST: Tyler Kwon accompanied Jessica to many events, including the New York City filming of Jessica & Krystal. ^

[update] 11:24 KST: Tensions between SNSD and Jessica rose when Jessica launched BLANC in August. Blanc's initial investment was largely funded by Tyler Kwon. ^

[update] 11:30 KST: SM Entertainment and the SNSD members did not openly oppose BLANC. However, Jessica was warned that BLANC as a side business cannot interfere with her main job which is being a member of SNSD. This was not upheld, and the problem began when the job labels switched. BLANC became her main job, and SNSD became her side job. ^

[update] 11:33 KST: Jessica would always talk about wanting to become a designer. She had already prepared applications to some design schools in the United States. ^

[update] 11:35 KST: Jessica had planned on replacing the portfolio requirement that comes with the Design School applications with BLANC, since it was her own brand. ^

[update] 13:40 KST: SM's statement has indeed confirmed that Jessica will be leaving the group, and that the remaining 8 members will promote together.

October 1

[update] 10:20 KST: SM+members had approved of BLANC in August, but in Sept, the other 8 members made her choose SNSD or BLANC. Jessica: "Becoming a SNSD member was the best thing to happen in my life... I never thought about quitting" Full statement HERE

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Did Jessica Leave SNSD?     This was a new comment from her. (Now deleted)   You all know by now, that a peculiar message was posted on Jessica's Weibo.   However, there are some very possi

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