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Rate The Last Anime Series You Finished

Mako Yagami

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As the thread title suggests, rate the last anime series (or movie if you want) that you watched. In my case...


Zetsuen no Tempest - 9.5/10


Great story, great characters, but had a slow start that made me wanna drop it initially. I'm glad I stuck it out though, great anime like this are rare to find nowadays.

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The Devil is a Part-timer!




It was pretty enjoyable :DD Pretty much cried my way through the episodes after laughing so hard. Original plot imo. The problems I had with the show would be the ending (I'm guessing there'll be a Season 2?) and how Alciel started to become a "filter" character near the middle of the anime :[

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Swoard Art Online


[spoiler alert?]

the anime didn't spark my interest as much after Kirito passed the game, I really disliked his sister for some reason, and as much as the story line was absolutly fantastic at the begining I felt that adding other characters were really a turn off, I kind of wanted to know more about Klein and all the secundary characters that helped Kirito and Asuna. Their love story was really kawaii but his sister was just ugh

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ok I just finished another one


Kaichou wa Maid-sama


Overall a great anime, nice plot (nothing too outsanding), funny characters and a love story that kept you fangirling every episode *0*

I won't give it a 10 because I felt like one of the main characters wasn't developed enough, as in they didn't bother deepen his background story

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