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    I do! I mean, I prefer the b-sides (Let Me Know and Over & Over are amazing) and it's my least favorite Japanese A-side, but I DO like it! I have 20 years experience listening to jpop though so their Japanese discography always wins me over easily, it's like a warm, familiar hug-break in the middle of all the Korean listening they have me doing. laugh.png

    Let Me Know is the only Bside Ive heard. Love it ! Lol and the choreography is adorable



    Whenever I've seen Hey Yah brought up everyone collectively said it was trash so I was curious lol. I'm far into the dumpster with it I guess :har:


    welcome to the fandom. You've spent a long time to catch up with everything GOT7 has done. I'm so lazy for this. ohdearplz.png it took me a while til I've decided to watch the whole JJP MTV Diary and it's pending watching Dream High 2. I was a backstreet boys fan opposed to you smile.png but it was my love for 90s/2000s boygroups that brought me to KPOP. Don't worry about age, I'm like 6 years older than you and I still like KPOP cause I've learned there's no age to like KPOP; once I told a Korean friend I was getting too old to KPOP and she said that the fanmaster of group was older than me and she was more active with KPOP stuff than me, so I thought it's ok not been a teen anymore or not being on my early 20s.


    here's a nice thread to fangirl over GOT7 and to have fun we have the GOT7 anti-depression thread - a thread full of GOT7 funniest moments and fans' materials




    I think I'm one of the most stressed user when it comes to someone bashing my favorites here, but my advice is to stay away of toxic threads bashing our favorites, since I enjoy replying the trolls cause I take most of the haters for granted, but when people can't do it, it's not good to enter into the fight.


    Fly is not a bad song, I confess it's the kind of music that I like, but it's good to listen while driving or relaxing. Hard Carry is good to listen while in the gym or practicing exercises.



    Yeah I found the anti depression thread while on my deep dive through the OH archives. Thanks for the link! Easier to find.


    Lol I was also a Backstreet Boys fan. NSYNC more so, but yeah. That "rivalry" was a highlight in my childhood, it was always in good fun though. So when I found KPOP the viciousness of fandom wars caught me a bit off guard. I'd argue with friends that N*YNC was superior, but I was never ready to shank a btch with my Lisa Frank pencils.



    Most of August and September I had a shorter work schedule so it was easier to get caught up. :)


    I've seen the troll threads, not about that life. Seems like most of us aren't either lol. Never seen such a like minded group in this area. I've seen other fandoms say that IGOT7's were the chillest among fandoms. I like that.


    Another cheer for Ahgase! Whoop! ^_^

  3. Oh my goodness thank you guys !! I'll try and post lots and often ! ^_^


    Kind of in a predicament though, I'm only on mobile and my phone is strange. I don't know how to post gifs, pictures, videos, or emoji's. I only have my words unfortunately. Lol


    EEEeeep ! I'm so excited! Thank you everyone! I'd give you all cookies if I could, but I can't because I don't know how yet ... and my phone is weird .. YAY !

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  4. Hello there! Don't mean to interrupt the conversation. This is my first post on this site. I've been lurking in this thread for months lol. Decided now was the time too introduce myself. :)


    I was introduced to Got7 through Youtubers React in 2015 and was not about it at all tbh. Mainly what turned me off was the KPOP Industry side of things, and honestly the MV for Just Right kinda freaked me out lol. I've never seen dudes be "cute" to that extent ( visual mind fck ). Turn off.


    This past August I was rewatching a bunch of FBE vids and rewatched that YR to Kpop video and in a second glance at Just Right I noticed just how much the guys were sort of BS'ing their way through it IMO lol. THAT I found adorable ( I don't think a group of guys would really choose to portray Katy Perry level of "cute" on their own free will ).


    So I looked up the actual music video itself and looked at a bunch of their other songs. Fell in LOVE with Fly ( my favorite title track-even though so many people hate it :( ). Found some interviews ... Couple days go by ... Found some tv appearances ( ASC, Weekly Idol, ect. )... A week goes by ... Find their reality shows and that JJP shortly existed. Watched the entire MTV Diary thing. Another week gone. See JB is constantly embarrassed by something called "Dream High 2". So naturally, I must find this lost treasure! Found it. watched it. I am still confused, amused, and internally cringing at it ( and the fact that dedicated so much time to watch the entire series ). After I finished the last episode I see "Dream Knight" in my recommendations. Watched it. Discovered a Prince who is a pretty talented actor ( seriously, Jinyoung is amazing. I love subtle and nuanced acting. Very rare to see someone with little experience do that and it not be ridiculously exaggerated or lean towards KStew aloof. No doubt he studied and rehearsed but still-RISE ACTOR PARK!!! Sorry to ramble, but I also love film. :) ) Two more weeks gone.


    I literally for the next month I would repeat to myself


    you are not into kpop

    you are not a 24 year old fangirling over a boyband



    Last time a was seriously into a boyband I was 9 .. NSYNC was everything! lol. Then something popped into my recommends. It was the trailer for Flight Log: Turbulence. My first comeback. Meanwhile I was still trying to convince myself that I'm not into Got7. Even though they pretty much became the only thing I watched. I'd catch myself humming their B-sides when I was at work. Watched sooooo many fancams of the US tour. Read a lot of fan accounts of meeting them. Got a little sad seeing the LA thing. ( Choosing to skip over that—no point in opening that can of worms ). Got happy again finding Roommate season 2 ( and my bias ^_^ ).


    Nope, still not into Got7. Not at all. Just watched damn near everything they've ever done. Listened to as much as I could find. Nope. Still not into them. Not my thing.


    Then Hard Carry happened ... Gave up. I am trash. I am a steaming hot pile of Got7 garbage. HA! I LOVE GOT7!!!! All seven of them! Got7 God7 Thot7 Visual7skdkdiwoaovocfopdkf !!


    HELP! Arrival is my first time actively participating in a comeback. It's also the first time being active on a forum since my senior year of high school. Please be gentle with me. Friends ? :)


    Also jus shorted myself $100 and preordered 4 first print albums for some reason ... I got over zealous and got two of each version .. Don't think I needed to do that. Lol.


    .. I also got a light stick.


    Any who this turned out way longer than I intended & took me an hour to write ( I'm nervous, joined specifically for Got7 and needed somewhere to unleash my fangirl ).


    Jackson is my bias. JB and Jinyoung insist on ruining that. Fave songs: This Star, See The Light, Moonlight, Prove It, No Jam, Let Me ( I legit cried the first time I listens to it. I'm born and raised from Southern California and it brought back memories from the first album I ever bought when I was 10, JUSTIFIED by Justin Timberlake—personal favorite album of all time—there is a song on there called "Take It From Here" and "Lets Take A Ride", if you haven't heard them go fix that immediately. I would listen to that CD when me and my mom drove down the PCH. Lol seriously it would have been kinder for Mark to hit me in the face with a baseball bat. Thanks. )


    Side note.Besides B*S and now KARD, I still can't find myself completely into the KPOP genre. Just not for me. Very competitive and almost a sparkly-ier version of the Hunger Games. Just gonna sit here and enjoy my Ahgase life.


    Again ... Hello there !



    ( bless you if you actually read this whole post )

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    Welcome to the official GotBangtan thread!




    GOT7 BTS 

    MAMA 2015 Collaboration




    Best Friend Rap Monster and Jackson's cute friendship and support for each other



    Let's not forget the two beautiful friendship between the maknaes as well






    These two groups gets along so well, their interaction is filled with happiness and friendshisp





    Share your love for both groups and their friendship here and post about your favorite moments here 

    PS: Once we have enough supporters/Keepers we will start making ideas for their badges. If you are interested in keeping or supporting post it.


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    + Jimin; Promise.




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    + Steve Aoki feat. BTS; Waste It On Me





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