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  1. Hamilton:
    Burr, check what we got
    Mister Lafayette, hard as a rock like Lancelot
    i think your pants look hot
    Laurens i like you a lot

    lets hatch a plot blacker than a kettle calling a pot
    what are the odds the gods would put us all in one spot
    poppin' a squat on conventional wisdom, like it or not
    a bunch of revolutionary manumission abolitionists?
    give me a position, show me where the ammunition is.

  2. i'm a diamond in the rough, i shiny piece of coal
    trying to reach my goal my power of speech, unimpeachable
    only 19, but my mind is older
    these New York streets get colder, i shoulder
    every burden every disadvantage i have learned to manage,
    i don't have a gun to brandish, i walk these streets famished.

  3. .. you can't be serious?
    you want to get ahead?
    fools who run their mouth off wind up dead.

    * John Laurens & co. enter *
    yo yo yo yo, what TIME is it??

    Burr: Like i said ..

    show time. Show time. Show Time! SHOW TIME!
    Yo! i'm John Laurens in the place to be
    Two pints `of John Adams, but i'm working on three HAAH---


    and so forth.

  4. balls. regretting starting "Aaron Burr, sir" in the middle. ugh the front load is so beefy.

    oh well, the thread is empty so i shall do it anywaaaaay !



    Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?
    Depends, who's asking?
    Oh sure, sir! I'm Alexander Hamilton, at your service sir
    i've been looking for you.

    i'm getting nervous.

    Sir! I heard your name at Princeton
    i was seeking an accelerated course of study
    when i got out of sorts with a buddy of yours
    i may have punched him it was a blur, sir
    he handles the financials?


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