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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcleDZ1PyfM&index=2&list=RDIa1hM0ev8oo

    This video and the videos in the playlist are rather good warmups that follow the generic warm up set. Oh, the videos lie, by the way. What is labelled as C5 is actually C4, C6 is C5, and C4 is C3. 

    Wait, duh, I'm stupid


    Here's a video set that's good for beginners  :chu:




    This is way late but thanks.  :chu:


    I already was taught the basics by my voice teacher but it's nice to have the review.


    It's not like I can hit a C3 anyway haha.  :rlytearpls:


    Yes! Two bias!


    I think I'm going to faint from the perfection.  :ahmagah:


    YES! Hwa Sa + Zico... hope there's something there... these two are too suspect with those praises they sent in interviews in each other's ways  :happy:


    Hwasa can do better imo.


    Whee In posted something in fancafe with caption: I love you buddy




    because trolling your best friend is a form of love :troll: :troll:


    I don't see what's so bad about that guys hair, but on Hwasa it looks ridiculous.  :wut:

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    I fall in love with Minho's timbre and low notes. I read in the vocal thread that Minho and Key are most probably baritones. Minho should cover songs by non-classical baritones like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, John Lennon, Michael Buble, John Mayer, John Legend. I would love to hear Minho sing a song that fit his voice and showcase his nice vocal color. 


    It bugs me so much that pop composers these days over-rely on tenors when some nice baritones would add some color their songs.

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  4. :megusta: those lumps better not disappear as the tour progress..... i want to see them live whenever they will finally come over  :ninja:


    I am kind of sad that Chen is unwilling to learn gg dances b/c most of EXO's dances are focused more on dick than ass.  (Actually rather than gg dances I would rather have him dance 24 hours or something.)



    Too many nice pics were released today  :rlytearpls:  :ahmagah:


    Lotte Family Concert


    CTJopDK.jpg :ahmagah:  :ahmagah:


    Chensoo everywhere.  :chu:

  5. I already ordered via YesAsia, it chips off my part-time job's wage, but in the name of God Eros who created Yul and Goddess Aphrodites who created Hwa Sa's ass, I just made a sacrifice.


    I probably will order via Mnet too for the signed one




    This album just ride on the unicorn and slides down the rainbow


    oh wait..




      :troll: :troll: :troll:


    Omg it was their agenda all along.  :omg:  :hurr:


    SHINee Tarot Deck by sakuradamatti











    it's an ongoing series! these are 9/22



    here's a preview of an unfinished one:




    :stare:  :stare:  :stare:



    I wish I could do art... :omg:


    Not much OnTae is there?  I hope at least Onew's the hermit--that card is perfect for him.


    I bet that unfinished one is the devil.  :ahmagah:


    meanwhile onew ...lol



    :rlytearpls:  looks too good 


    Jinki the professor is so fine.  :meow:

  7. tumblr_npspyngeyj1uvghfgo2_540.jpg

    AWWWWW so cute, Chen is perfect the way he is!!! Just PERFECT


    Exactly.  That's what I tell everyone.









    100% dead.


    Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng :megusta:



    Fi.N, my fellow ChenSoo shipper... Rejoice!  :happy: 









    so. cute.



    Poor kyungsoo. :happy:   But I need more...

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  8. Yes?


    But then this happened and i don't know where to start ; is it the fact someone covered Jjong or the fact he sleeps half naked in the waiting room or Ming's trolling or the fact he is posing like Michelangelo's famous painting ? this is all too much for me. :cry:


    [TRANS] 150613 Key's Weibo Update bumkeykM: Heaven and Earth creation while jong was sleeping



    ...and this is why I stan SHINee.  :lol:

  9. CHHTIDZW4AAIvvH.jpg




    KEY IS LOOKING HOT AF  :megusta:  :megusta:




    To be honest, he looks the best when he doesn't try so hard.


    Wow I feel like I haven't posted in here in such a long time.


    But on the topic of SHINee being trendsetter, have you guys wondered if other groups ever go WTF when they see they have to grandpa pants just cuz SHINee's trending it? LOL. I would pay to see their reactions. :lol:


    Lol poor nugus.

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