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About Me

''I have the absolute confidence not to be number two, but then I have enough sense also to realize that there can be no number one.''


I don't really stan any group but I do think Bts is the reason kpop got big so if you don't think that way you are a hater and jealous.


INTJ, Ambivert.


I am honest, so don't expect me to be too nice. I am a saint, I have never negged a single post. I love people and their stories, I love the rain, I love slow songs. I love Exo Kai and Twice Mina.



On the down low, I am an utter snob. So even if I like some k pop, I am not one of you. But, as if in an almost obligatory need, I care about you.


I am almost out the door, away from k pop. The damage done, I hope, is not irreversible. Previously, I have resisted any kind of pop music, likewise for kpop. So when I first discovered it in 2012, I thought it was over the top, stupid and yet, I loved it on some rudimentary level. However, I didn't become a 'fan' until early 2016. So, to a degree, I am still unfamiliar as to how 'this' works and it's idioms.


From the onset, It does bother me that so many of you are willing to take this manufactured, repetitive vomit to heart. But since I'm talking to you now as a kpop fan and since I am not infallible, consider me bamboozled.


A lot of you, cannot comprehend that X may not be as a good singer as you think they are or Y is good looking because their label said so. Having opinions in Onehallyu is akin to being a troll. You've made yourself a sheltered little utopia where even those who may have an honest opinion about something is subjected to give half hearted nods in fear they'll receive a negative reputation. On the whole, I don't entirely blame the Onehallyu system for that.


If you, yes YOU, are subservient enough to let an inconsequential system rule your thoughts, you deserve to be repressed.


The logical conclusion will be ''its not that deep''. But where do you draw the line? Human beings for millenia have been oppressed and brainwashed by the hierarchy,


Do you know why?


Because they can. Because you let them. Because just as now, they sat idly by while the hierarchy took their power from under their noses.


On the surface, k pop is a fun little trip. On the surface. It's crevices are filled with dark tales of the most radical form of human exploitation from its idols to its fans. At the end of the day, it's not worth it. Rolling your eyes in private isn't going to help but, I am not telling you to stop listening to k pop.


Respect yourself. Think for yourself. Do not let yourself be a slave.


Now, I understand that a good chunk of you are mid teens or under. Do not make that to be an excuse, that's an impediment. That alone makes this all the more poignant for me.


Despite all of what I said, I am not perfect and nor do I expect you to be. When I first found k pop in 2012, I was 15 years old. I saw then, without readily given information about what k pop stood for and what it's priorities were.


Take everything with a pinch of salt.

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