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  1. doki-doki

    Taeyeon - Spark

    This is everything! Taeyeon has owned my 2019, I've been listening to her music non-stop! thanks for providing me with endless bop content queen
  2. BTS, their vocal line has such a unique and refreshing combination, I love JK, V, Jimin and Jin's voices - they bring a lot of character and emotion to their songs. I personally prefer Jungkook's voice overall.
  3. Yas...your avatar and sig. Love them! :D

  4. your T Swift set <3 almost as lovely as you!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. doki-doki


      I miss my Rosieeee!

    3. johnnyrose


      ಥ_ಥ i miss you too asdfgjh we're bad at keeping up with eachother. mess.

    4. doki-doki


      we need to improve on that!

  5. ur nice

    1. doki-doki


      thanks for the add! <3

      You are quite nice yourself too!

  6. Your profile and your song are so pretty <3 Lowkey wanna replay BotW now lmao

    1. doki-doki


      You played botw?

      im suddenly beaming with joy and proud I married you x1000

  7. I love you, Kim Namjoon. I love you, BTS.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. doki-doki


      I love you dearest Cally, with all my heart <3

    3. ChimKookie
    4. al qaeda

      al qaeda

      we love our president

  8. your profile :cries:

    1. doki-doki


      lusciiiiiii <3 glad you liked it!


    2. lusci


      perhaps i fall in love, again <3

  9. Hwasa didn't have to snap like this! https://i.imgur.com/BwpZKuH.png

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. vroom


      urgh she really is indeed; glad to see you're still woke doki


    3. doki-doki


      ofc <3 I have a lovely friend who showed me the light!

    4. vroom


      askdfjs hihi my pleasure mademoiselle~

  10. So when is our wedding? https://i.imgur.com/Xq1hk4c.gif

    1. doki-doki


      On the 13th of October this year, on Jimin's Birthday!

      Make sure you're not late future Waifu <3

    2. Usagi.
  11. Ahhhh we're stanning the same girl groups <3 just wanted to drop by~

    1. doki-doki


      I always love your updates + posts and you have the best taste in GG's <3

      so glad you stopped by!

    2. French Rose

      French Rose

      Awwww you're so sweet. I'm glad I have someone to talk to in CheBul thread <3

      Plus your username is so cute! Me likey it so much uwu

    3. doki-doki


      so are you <3 uwu

      same! CherBul's fans are as sweet as the idols itself, I love it!

      thanks! I really like yours too, soooo pretty!

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