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    I just wasted 25k won
  • Birthday 10/01/1999

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    In the world of visual novels
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    Kpop, Cpop and visual novels.

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    who still uses this anyways lol
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    forgot my account password lol
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    haven't used this since forever
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    http://i wish i had one

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About Me

Groups I stan: Twice,Gfriend


When I started stanning Twice: April 2016 (a few weeks before release of Cheer Up)
When I started stanning Gfriend: May 2016


Twice ipdeok: Twice Elegant Private Life (Reality show)
Gfriend ipdeok: Glass Bead, Me Gustas Tu, Rough



Twice bias: Can't choose

Gfriend bias: Eunha



Most favourite Visual Novel: 





My visual novel list


Check out this thread for more information on visual novels!



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