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About Me

Hello everyone!!

My name is Khadijah but I go by the name Freakedbydubulge (Freaked for short)

I am a Shawol and MVP and have been supporting the boys since the summer of 2010


My fave food and drink are Pizza and Sierra Mist

and I hate cleaning 


I have the most adorable baby brother but since this is the internet I will not be sharing any pics of him


this forum is my 3rd home, I was part of the 6theory community untill Johnny fucked us over

then Hally8 till it was shut down and now I am here with all of you. :)


I am a very nice and reasonable person who does not enjoy conflict and it takes a lot to get me mad 

so trolls come at me


I am very close to the Shawols/ MVP's on this site, they are like a family to me and I love them  :wub: 


this is all for now, thanks for checking my profile  :) 



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