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  1. Hey guys. I'm currently trying to save up money, so I've decided to sell some of my kpop albums.

    I'm selling 'Seven Springs of A Pink ' (autographed promo), 'Snow Pink' (Autographed Promo), 'Snow Pink' (Autographed), Secret Garden (Autographed)
























    (Eunji signed on the back for that one)









    If you are interested, PM me : ) Thanks.

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  2. Hi, I need to save up money so here I am. Here's what I'm selling (all of them are signed/autographed) :



    A.Cian - Ouch (Promo)
    A Pink - Snow Pink (Promo)
    A Pink - Snow Pink
    A Pink - Seven Springs Of A Pink
    A Pink - Secret Garden
    AA - Going Crazy (Digital Single)
    B.A.P - Warrior (Promo)
    B.A.P - Stop It (Promo)
    BTOB - Press Play (Promo)
    Boys Republic - Identity (Promo)
    B2ST - Beast Is The B2ST (Promo)
    DMTN - Emergency Room (Promo)
    DMTN - Safety Zone (Promo)
    EXO - MAMA (Promo)
    EXO - History (Digital Single /non autographed)
    F(x) - Chu (Promo)
    F(x) - NU ABO (Promo)
    Girls' Generation - Mr.Mr (Promo)
    Hello Venus - Would You Like Some Tea ?
    IU - Real (Promo)
    Infinite - First Invasion (Promo)
    Infinite - Evolution (Promo)
    Infinite - Inspirit (Promo)
    Infinite - Over The Top (Promo)
    Infinite - Paradise (Promo)
    Infinite - Cover Girl (Digital Single)
    Infinite - Infinitize
    Infinite - New Challenge (Promo)
    Infinite - Destiny (Promo)
    Infinite - Last Romeo (Promo)
    Infinite - Be Back (Promo)
    Infinite's Sungguy - Another Me (Promo)
    Infinite-H - Fly High (Promo)
    Infinite-H - Fly Again (Promo)
    Jiyeon - 1Min 1Sec
    K- Will - Love Blossom
    LC9 - Skirmish (Promo)
    MYNAME - Message (Digital Single)
    MYNAME - Baby I'm Sorry
    MYNAME - Day By Day
    MBLAQ - Mona Lisa (Promo)
    NU'EST - Face (Promo)
    Seo In Guk - With Laughter Or With Tears
    SPEED - Superior SPEED (Promo)
    SPEED - Speed Circus (Promo)
    SHINee - Lucifer (B Ver.) (Promo)
    T-ara - John Travolta Wannabe (Promo)
    T-ara - Black Eyes (Promo)
    T-ara - Mirage (Promo)
    T-ara N4 - Jeon Won Diary (Promo)
    Teen Top - Teen Top Class
    Toheart - First Mini Album (Promo)
    U-Kiss - Brand New Kiss (Promo)
    UNIQ - Falling In Love (Digital Single)
    VIXX - Rock Ur Body (Promo)
    VIXX - Jekyll
    Wonderboyz - Open The Door (Promo)
    Wonderboyz - Tarzan (Digital Single)
    If you are interested, PM me.

    lol! you two are crazy!!!!!!  :derp:



    what I saw on tumblr :


    Seventeen’s Comeback times (KOREAN to USA TIME ZONES) 

    - MV: 12 PM KST on 9/10/15

    - 11 PM EST on 9/9/15

    - 10 PM CST on 9/9/15

    - 9 PM MST on 9/9/15

    - 8 PM PST on 9/9/15

    - M Countdown: 6 PM KST on 9/10/15 

    - 5 AM EST on 9/10/15

    - 4 AM CST on 9/10/15

    - 3 AM MST on 9/10/15

    - 2 AM PST on 9/10/15


    perso, I'm from Europe, I'd like to know the time for me too XDDD



    Tomorrow (10/09) at 5AM

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