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  1. does it sound like photograph or midnight road, if yes, then i'm very convinced 


    It's more close to Photograph I would say, but the song goes really hard and is really upbeat. A good mix of Now or Never + Roar. They're wearing red shirts/black leather pants (Chani is, for example), and other membres are wearing black shirts + red leathers pants and black shirts + jeans (at least from what the part I was able to see).

  2. Even if Regular ends up being a Chinese remake of 127's title track, at least we're getting new lines distribution and also a brand new MV for it. I'm curious to see of how everything will turn out. I'm kinda disappatoinded 'See The V' isn't included though cause that teaser song was my jam.

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  3. I was thinking that it's possible that SF9 has a system of rotation. Dawon had the most lines in mamma mia song and now the fewer lines. Jaeyoon had always few lines but now his lines were really increased. Taeyang had the most lines in the beginning but had the least at Mamma mia.

    Line distribution, (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

    Fanfare (Taeyang, Dawon, Youngbin)

    Roar (Taeyang, Inseong, Dawon)

    Easy love (Taeyang, Inseong, Rowoon)

    O sole mio (Inseong, Taeyang, Rowoon)

    Mamma mia ( Dawon, Rowoon, Inseong)

    Now or never (Inseong, Taeyang, Jaeyoon)


    I mean, it seems that they also change the centre position. During Fanfare and Roar it was clearly Taeyang, during O sole mio it was more Rowoon, during Mamma mia Dawon and during Now or never Chani and Hwiyoung.


    Yeah that's the main reason why I'm not really sad about it, he had a decent amount of lines and screentime for Mamma Mia, which is one of my favorite song. I also really like his voice so it would have been nice to hear it a little bit more in 'Now or Never' haha.

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