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  1. hi so i was directed to this thread by a mod and i believe i may have been mistaken for another user, perhaps "Green Tea Is Green"? my username may have been misunderstood.



    the reason why i am so confused is because i haven't logged in since early this year so i don't understand how anyone would remember let alone vote for me. please reply ASAP so i can unfurl this mystery!


    nvm, i found out i helped in the resize thread, thanks for the recognition although i only remember helping once^^

  2. gosh some people on here bibliahh.gif

    saying straight people thinking same sex intercourse is gross is just a part of human naturebibliahh.gif

    if human nature means thousand years of christian socialization and what not, maybe

    what happened? was there a thread? about this?[/sPOILEr]

  3. all k-dramas are fucking terrible

    quoting literally so that you can technically say that again.


    Just an FYI, most LGBT people don't like it and even feel insulted when you question their sexuality and insist that they're lying. Ever heard the saying "you're just going through a phase" or "you're just trying to be edgy/fooling around"?

    The point is, straight people are also allowed to feel insulted when you imply they're not straight and NO, they are NOT homophobic, they just don't like others calling them, or even sometimes telling them that they're something they're not.

    And straight people are also allowed to think homosexual intercourse is gross because guess what....most gay people think straight sex is gross. It's called human nature.

    what happened???? someone was in the rant thread about this as well. is there a discussion of this somewhere here?[/sPOILEr]

  4. why tf do women cycle shame man

    "I can't right now I'm on my cycle"

    "Girl what? It ain't that bad get over it"

    "Yeah but I really don't feel good-"



    literally all women i have met tell me this. well i'm sorry i love getting sick and having a cycle, who knew? i love that i am unable to do anything for 2 days. thanks for telling me it's what women go through and grow up. ugh. it's not that i'm bashing anyone who has their cycle and can get up and go, kudos to you. but why you gotta treat me like that. it's not fair. feminists wanna take away the stigma that "men" have put again women, at least they are very understanding and even sweet if you say you can't do as well because of your cycle. my brothers sometimes even visit me and try to make me feel better. what does my mother do? get exasperated with me. i love that woman to death (literally) but she is part of the problem that no-one does other than women. let me be in peace, besides it's just a few days not a year. chill omg


    imagine if i did that to women who broke up with their BFs. "it's just a breakup it's not the end of the world get over it"



    about one person. im not hating you nor i even care about you poor being. i feel only really really sorry for you. what is like living that kind of life?


    who is that pretty guy in your sig?!? :ilove: [/sPOILEr]
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  5. virtue/moir DID NOT deserve that medal. they deserved second. that french couple was loads better, the most beautiful performance of the the entire program. they were robbed, plain and simple. also the shibutanis were robbed in the short dance, they deserved second (maybe even first). the judges were obviously very biased to give them 77 when alex had said in the past they had gotten 80's in their other competitions, and they weren't even at their best then. they give their best performance of all time at the olympics and get 70's? please. in addition that virtue/moir had already done their performance years before, it's not fair to the others. they all had to choose something new, and for the shibs it was the hardest since they are related. it's no coincidence that latin dance was for the short dance, the couples could go all out on the sex and they knew that the shibs couldn't. but virtue/moir get it easy by doing the same dances over and over, fck that. imma say it again, the canadians didn't deserve to win and the judges are clearly biased.

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  6. doctor who looks boring af i swear



    I expect Black Panther to be exactly like every other Marvel movie so far: an enjoyable action flick to watch with friends and forgettable outside that. It’s being hyped a lot because of political reasons like (DC’s) Wonder Woman was. Just like Wonder Woman will have a backlash about being overrated and it will be well deserved, because just like Wonder Woman, it will be no Logan. It will be a typical average Marvel movie intended to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And that is perfectly fine.

    love that dislike you snagged. because it's the truth.[/sPOILEr]
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