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  1. why do you flop so hard

  2. i freaking can't stop laughing at your sig ASASUUHDFAUHDSUFHKFSDHSD

  3. girl please, that's beyond ridiculous. what's even worse is that racial slurs are so taboo but we all gendered ones all day long (pxsdy, dxckhead, bitxh, etc)....that's not a double standard though.

  4. beautiful dp!!!~ <3 <3 i think she is so beautiful.

    1. Arctic


      She definitely is~~ I really admire her acting :)


    1. lewd


      LMAO, thx. STREAM IT!

  6. your sig is life!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. PromiscuousBunny


      Thank you <33333 Dae is so cute!! :3

    2. Green Willow

      Green Willow

      he really is darling~ <3

  7. wow girl are you serious this site is so cancer

    1. Zamo


      I'm serious sis lmao this site is going downhill if they keep doing this shit

  8. bless your aesthetic ass profile pic and signature.

  9. marnie!!!!!! those girls were so beautiful <3 <3

    1. maiagic


      thanks omg!! I watched it recently and it was such a lovely movie

  10. OMG I ACCIDENTALLY DOWNVOTED YOUR POST HERE I'M SO SORRY I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REVERSE IT http://onehallyu.com/topic/290907-the-official-big-bang-18-thread-only-pervy-ones-allowed/page-21

    1. cutie_let_let
    2. Green Willow

      Green Willow

      SFLR but thank you, i shall get right on it!

    3. Green Willow
  11. noblesse! you like noblesse?

    1. aiwazerodesu
    2. Green Willow

      Green Willow

      any other webtoon you like? :D

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