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  1. Let's just pretend For You was a gift for the fans and celebrate Ah-Choo Success




    I mean it kind of was. Lovelinus was an album released to celebrate the fanclub name, and they only promoted it for like two weeks  :lol:

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  2. I don't think its a bad thing to mention another group as long as you don't shade them.  There is a difference between saying you think Lovelyz sang better than Twice over Lovelyz were better than twice because Twice were X/Y/Z.




    I explained my comment further on this page.


    The bolded part is exactly what I saw somebody do.

  3. Saying that in your opinion group A's performance/singing/whatever is better than group B's doesn't by default mean you're trying to shade group B. It's just your opinion, there's nothing wrong with having that opinion and it certainly doesn't make you "bitter".


    Talking about group B on group A's thread should be fine as long as it's in context, for example when the two have just appeared on the same show together. It's not like you're randomly, out of no where, raising up random points about a random group in a context that has nothing to do with the group of the thread (that would be an unnecessary remark about another rookie group, as you say).


    If other people come to this thread and think someone is bitter then so be it. That's just what I think anyway...


    That's not the kind of comment I was referring to. I'm talking about the kind that make digs at the other group's ability or lack thereof. The Lovelyz thread isn't here to discuss how other groups underperformed. If you want to talk about how Lovelyz did that's fine, if you want to compare their performance to the other group that's fine too, but making isolated comments about the other group that don't refer to Lovelyz and might make other people in this thread uncomfortable, that is something people should be more mindful of.

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  4. I didn't mention anyone tho. I only talked about Lovelyz. I just got up and watched the performances and gave my honest opinion. I'm not going to apologize for that tbh. 


    Just a friendly reminder for everyone. I think people forget that this is a public forum and other fandoms do come in here and see what we write. I just came back from the Twice beating Lovelyz thread and saw people unfairly call Lovelinus bitter and pressed even though most people were being pleasant, and then I come here and see people throwing shade. I can preach about how we are pleasant fandom as much as I can but it all means nothing if the Lovelyz thread is scattered with unnecessary remarks about other rookie groups.


    I'm not trying to censor people, I just want people to remember that we are being watched and people criticize and pick fights based on what little they see.

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  5. Woollim better include him in the boy group. If he gets excluded i'll cry like when heehyun, yoonhee and inbin were cut  :cry:


    I think the Woollim Boys lineup is pretty much done, they just want Lovelyz to get some more footing before they debut the group. When Lovelyz performed at the gayo their lineup was established as well minus Yein who came in later.


    I'm hoping he stays in the group!

  6. Really? I'm pretty sure I read somewhere, they said SM is in charge of promoting/marketing Woollim artists. Lol the merge still confuses me.


    They were supposed to handle international promotions but I think that was just in theory, the practice of such matters has not really been made visible.

  7. Lol Lovelyz won the aegyo competition and they actually got the highest score in the karaoke competition, gfriend also recieved the highest score when it was their turn. Since the two groups tied, the mcs handed the win to gfriend and gave twice presents too to make it fair for all of them. All of the groups got hilarious Super Junior presents. :lol: But Lovelyz actually lucked out and were given 5 packages of beef, Kyuhyun (I think) musical concert tickets, and a Super Junior 2016 seasons greeting.


    And after Weekly Idol they played the chorus of Lovelyz For You.



    Yes! Even with them leaving for a bit they managed to come back and not just win one mission but top the second one with a perfect score! They performed really well, truly the highlight of the episode!

  8. im #TeamForYou all the way :dave:jk


    im suprised ah choo still managed to be in the 30s, since i though all lovelinus will focus stream FY instead


    I think this proves that Ah-Choo has the public supporting it, otherwise it would have dropped instead of keep rising. 

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