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Status Updates posted by dopamine

  1. The real enemies are within the fandom. Within ourselves.

    1. Keto


      Are you okay?

    2. dopamine


      I'm fine, just being a bit philosophical. LMAO.

    3. Keto


      Ok, as usual then.

  2. Infinite is back and badder than ever. puns for days. lmao.

    1. Yoonacorn



  3. Your sig is A+++++, just wanted to remind you lol

  4. The edit you made of Lovelyz' logo is faring pretty good on the badge selection poll right now xD It''s a hit!

  5. I have a stalker who down votes my comments. YesAsia worker I have my eye on you!

  6. Sunggyu comeback!!!!

  7. I don't hold grudges.

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