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  1. A Weibo post (that was posted by a few popular C-Ent Weibo accounts) compiling a collection of producers and staffs praising Jackson's attitude, kindness, work ethic. There are also comments of 'passerbys' who became fans of Jackson after working with him or seeing how he interacts with people off-camera. Many comments tell Jackson fans that they are lucky to be fans of such a good-hearted, hard-working idol.



    鸡桠Accompanying PD: Wang Jiaer is really [the person whom] I've worked with who has the best attitude, most earnest, most polite, most most most most! Infinite number of most! Seriously I think he is brilliant! Hoping everyone will love and take care of this boy even more! Seriously want to work again [with him] 10000000000000 times!
    Fighting Man Accompanying PD: The most dedicated entertainer!! You will become incredibly popular! omg [smiley face] @Jackson 
    Hong Kong Tourism Board Ambassador commercial shooting staff:
    Finished project after three days of shooting [clap][clap] The most dedicated, most nice entertainer that I have worked with, worked everyday for more than 10 hours with no complaints and no regrets, never late or leaves early, even cares for every single staff's meals [whether they eat], buying snacks and gifting fruits, just before the filming ended he suddenly disappeared but it turned out he personally went to buy souvenirs to gift to every staff member in the crew, I'm so touched, #WangJiaErSoloPlayInHK# please look forward to it~
    The Negotiator PD after watching Jackson film Beat The Champions:
    (First Comment)
    In the entire cast of Beat The Champions, I just like Wang Jiaer, because he said to me "You've worked hard, see you tomorrow" so, you [t\n: imperatively] edit our Jackson well.
    (Second Comment)
    Since there are so many likes, I'll just add on another comment, Wang Jiaer is the only entertainer/cast in the entire season of Beat the Champions 2, who will proactively approach the coach after finishing filming the training video for extra training, and it's even in his strong suit - fencing. Some people are successful for a reason.83346f6bgy1fpi0ef20a5j20sv1zi14z.jpg
    Beat The Champions PD:
    Reignited my fondness for Wang Jiaer, the happiest entertainer when going over the script today!!!! Embracing my shoulders calling me 'ge' [t\n: older brother]! Asked me what my name is, and even held me up [by hugging], sorry, today I have given up the bottom line of being a producer, I've lost my composure. But today is blessed, tomorrow I'm going to have a group photo. Wang Jiaer is the entertainer I like the most this year, Papillion is such a good song!!!!! I will 打call Wang Jiaer tomorrow! [t\n: 打call neologism meaning encourage, praise, wave one's glow sticks at concert etc.]
    Youth Hostel PD:
    [First Post]
    Hope that Wang Jiaer can become a fixed MC, [his] personality is very good, can relax and can get along with everyone happily, always has a dynamic atmosphere, when [t\n: not sure if Jackson or PD] found out that we had to rush the announcement at 6, was full of unwilling sadness
    [second Post]
    Filmed from midsummer to early winter, Youth Hostel has finally finished production, interestingly, on the episode with Wang Jiaer, he used his unique personal charm to bend me crooked [t\n: jokingly mean Jackson turned him gay]

    Fighting Man Staff:

    While we were filming the pilot in Xi'an, when it came time to film Wang Jiaer's scene, it was already very late, and though he was obviously tired he did not complain, when he saw the gaffer standing on the chair to adjust the lighting, he very thoughtfully went to help support the chair, I just so happened to see this scene on the camera monitor. My conclusion is: there is a reason someone could become so popular is such a short amount of time. See you on the next show. #TakeCareOfMyFridgeWangJiaer# Season three and #AShowICantSayTheNameofYet#


    Staff reply to Jackson's weibo about the last episode of Fighting Man

    The staff jie [t\n: older sister] wants to say, wuli Gaga we also love you, unwilling to let you go, the cute, polite, witty [t\n: can get the joke easily] Wang Jiaer! [heart][heart][heart]


    Tik Tok staff:

    Actually when filming XX the most touching thing wasn't how dedicated Wang Jiaer was when he was being splashed with water. It was when during filing, there was a candle on the table, when his makeup artist jiejie was applying his makeup her hair suddenly touched the flame, and caught on fire a little. Wang Jiaer quickly used his own hand to beat out the fire in makeup artist jiejie's hair, and all the while concernedly asked: gwaenchan na nuna?


    When Jiajia is not satisfied with his performance onsite, he will continuously redo. The staff of TW [t\n: not sure] told me that he has not had much sleep for three days, and then the cutest thing is he always says he is fat, how can I be so fat [t\n: cutesy voice], he even became his own anti-fan. Saying it to the point the girls on site silently looked at their own figures shivering, and decided maybe it be best to not eat that night


    Adidas Commercial filming staff:

    Yesterday I was really so happy when filming the commercial

    Wang Jiaer is seriously so handsome, super cute, very people person

    At the time I secretly photographed him, he found out and even ran over to ask me if I photographed him nicely, seriously so happy aah

    Most most most importantly he even held my hand, immediately turned me from a passerby to a fan


    Yang Di (MC, Actor):

    Crew/staff who have worked with him say that he is awesome



    My friend is a translator for varieties, your Ga is a really good person, he will ask the assistant to also bring coffee for the translator jiejie, when filming he is the earliest to arrive and the most prepared, his entire person is mengmengda! [t\n: slang meaning acts cute or loveable]

    Pizza Hut Promotional Song Recording Staff

    Feel sorry [sobbing] // A certain Ga's gestures and dancing when recording the song is seriously too cute

    Yesterday night [he] recorded in Korea, the recording studio frontline team said "Wang Jiaer pushed himself/went all out to the point that he has having a constant nosebleed, couldn't stop coughing, recorded for five hours in the night, time and time again denying himself and striving to be better, practicing repeatedly to match the video, signing piles upon piles [of cards?], when he was finished he then returned to the company to continue working, I don't even know how to express his dedication." Really is such a rio good boy~ [t\n: not sure]


    Industry Insider -- Hallyu Old Auntie:

    Just finished listening to Hallyu Old Auntie's live stream. The thing that left the strongest impression on me was not the question about the math function, but Wang Jiaer. She said, Wang Jiaer really is a very good entertainer, but lately he is too tired, on stage and off stage he is completely two different people. Off stage he is like a bag of skin. This oddly reminded me of the Jackson full of energy in Roommate and the rookie heart Ga in Weekly Idol. I'm not a fan, I wouldn't even be considered a passerby, I'm just watching his change on the road he's taken, the time is still short, hoping that the most important priority is health, do not empty yourself, and also do not always recommend organic things to others, please remember to stay healthy.


    Follow up comment:

    I've said so much, just feel like he's a terrific entertainer, do not be troubled by health83346f6bgy1fpi0ecnwwaj20s41zuk3y.jpg83346f6bgy1fpi0edfwtmj20u01sogu7.jpg83346f6bgy1fpi0ee4x2gj20me23waj9.jpg
    Many of the comments under the weibo post also praise Jackson and post pictures of other PD's recounting their experiences working with Jackson.
    Even though Sina and Youku are 'blocking' Jackson (does anyone know what's the reason?) the shine of gold cannot be covered. I think Jackson's popularity is surely rising with HBDC, my sister (who lives in China) told me her friends posted videos of Jackson's performance in their wechat timeline saying how cool he is. A lot of commenters in the HBDC comments sections say that Jackson is one of the more talented 'idol' judges among the cast of the two dance shows.
    I am currently busy with school work but I can find time to translate the comments above! I'm really happy how Jackson is gaining popularity ~! 
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  2. Look Performance Video

    I can't get enough of this choreography! It's my favourite choreo from them by far. Each time I watch it there's something new and different that I hadn't noticed before. Also, BAM BAM is killing it! His moves are so sharp and clean, hopefully there's some opportunity for him and Yugyeom to do more dance stages this year.


    EDIT: Topped!






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  3. [weibo-go] GOT7 Mark’s Buddha-like reaction to girl groups

    [227 shares] [461 comments] [6008 likes]
    1. [+491] Old Tuan is the only whom I don’t have to worry about


    2. [+207] They are often like this. When they have a reactions it’s also just for the dance... [doge]


    3. [+109] Stunning Mark-ge. Fairies, come get to know him better


    4. [+78] Male-male CP is the only real love


    5. [+78] He only wants to get off work quickly


    6. [+62] Come get to know Duan Yi’en better


    7. [+59] Mark must be thinking of Jia’er


    8. [+35] Come get to know GOT7’s big brother Mark better


    orig: here

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  4. EDIT: Topped!...so, let's put our glasses on and listen to JJP's sweet as honey vocals...iloveyouplz.gif




    They sound so good here! rlytearpls.png I listen to this song everyday but I never knew there was a live version 




    I thought promotion period was over? Still it's great we can see them more on TV~


    Wow that was fast, I thought there might have to be a 'warming up' period


    Google translated article:


    <Anchorage> It 

    is now possible to see the Korean-American star performances again on the Chinese TV, where Korean entertainers have completely disappeared for a while. 


    In the field of culture and arts, it seems that the gold emblem is virtually untied. 


    Kim Do-yeop reports from Chengdu in Sichuan. 




    <Recording> MAMAMU: "Thank you." 


    At the TV Song Festival of the ABU General Assembly in Sichuan, Mama Mu's songs were broadcast live on Sichuan TV. 


    The video's internet view was also explosive. 


    It is completely different from the one that stopped the appearance of the Korean wave entertainer and the broadcasting of the program, and thoroughly blocked it to the Internet. 


    <Interview> Zhou Lingling (Sichuan TV official): "Everyone was able to enjoy this show, and I think we can improve our friendship in this way." 


    The signs that the exchange of waters are going to burst are also appearing in drama. 


    Chinese small and medium broadcasters have recently resumed contacts to resume Korean dramas. 


    China's state-owned CCTV aired special programs ahead of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 100 days ago and emphasized the Korea-China friendship. 


    It is said that the possibility of a resumption of the joint project between Korea and China, which had been suspended due to the Sad conflict, is expected to be resumed soon. 


    It is Kim Doo-yeop of KBS News in Chengdu, Sichuan.



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