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  1. Hello, so basically I flopped a really bloody easy Q on surds


    It was in this format: RRmSmvw.png

    Instead of only multiplying both top and bottom by only root 5 when rationalising, I multiplied by (3 x root 5)


    Would that make the final answer wrong? Given that I've simplified?


    Don't judge me rlytearpls.png

    It wouldn't have been a big deal since it's still a 1:1 ratio.


    You got 6rad5 / 45 right? If you simplified you would have gotten the correct answer which is 2rad5 / 15


    Was it a short answer question or multiple choice?

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  2. All of the 3 main female characters are unpleasant.


    The main couple is annoying. (Banryu x Sooyeon >>>>>>>) All these hours wasted on this couple ugh.




    Is it bad that I rejoiced when Ah Ro got shot? But mad too because that's going to radicalize Sun Woo even more.



    Master Ahn Ji & Hwi Kyung are annoying.


    Tae :(


    I hate how they shoved so much shit into episode 18. Like someone said before we should have gotten to this point at ep 14.


    One thing I don't get is how Sun Woo could possibly take the throne. Hwi Kyung was denounced from becoming King so why would Sun Woo ever have throne priority over Jidwi.


    But I'm glad for the end of the episode. FINALLY. He did it so gracefully too.

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  3. Does anyone know about this BTS vs Chinese antis issue going on?


    I see ppl on Twitter saying that Chinese antis are purposely mistranslating something BTS said to make it seem like they support Taiwan as an independent country. And it's supposedly trending all over Weibo.

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