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Status Updates posted by Athena

  1. Ski Mask The Slump God is the guy in my avi sis. Also, A+ sig. <3

    1. SheeraEtheral


      Bless you..Thanks!

  2. oh, you may have gotten an email to join ATRL now. they got 4000 new members so it took a week to approve ppl. mess.

    1. Playgirl


      Yeah, I just got that new member email like yesterday. I'm Playgirl on there too :) probably won't start using it until a little later on in the week tho smh

  3. you should join atrl sis, registrations are open for only 24 hours. it's a predominantly western music/gossip forum but the kpop thread is popping and some of the members are desperately hoping a few AS fans will join shsjdjdjks so I thought of you

    1. Playgirl


      SIS THANK YOU! As soon as I saw this I signed up! YAS LEMME STAN A BIT FOR AS ON THAT FORUM

    2. Athena


      no problem! i'm saeju on there btw

  4. clear your inbox pls ^^

    1. Channie Tatum

      Channie Tatum

      I just noticed this now!sorry! Um can I ask why?

    2. Channie Tatum
  5. hey hey. where's that gif of the lady speaking into a microphone horn and being hyped af that you used to post all the time <3

  6. I LOVE your sig omg

    1. ellectrified


      Thanks! it's a fan art. Just click the image to see who made it.

  7. Is it ok if I ask the mods to merge your roof hit thread with my big chart performance thread? Don't want to clutter the forum. :)

    1. EVA02


      Yes! It's alright

  8. #BuyFourPinkWallsEPOniTunes

  9. atrl is a bitch

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. TIM£


      I think it's in like six hours double check but get in early it's going to be messy

    3. Athena
    4. TIM£
  10. Wow. I haven't seen you in a while :)

    1. ~Yotsubato~


      Right in time for a SoShi come back :)

      How have you been ?

    2. Athena


      Fine. Just finished some major exams and going to start applying to schools later in the summer.

    3. ~Yotsubato~


      I wish you the best of luck.

  11. Hi Vixen. I'm trying to add you to our House PM for Reese's mafia game. I think you need to clear your inbox.

  12. You can get a badge now

  13. I can't believe they are still stalking you. I think they even negged you in your thread. I +1 you though. I'm willing to make a donation for the mafia game.

    1. Ruby Faith

      Ruby Faith

      I'll just ignore them. Pathetic tbh.

      Thank you so much ^^

      If only you could play


  14. Just_ice and I are deeply sorry for causing trouble in your game. We shouldn't have deleted our messages in our House PM in the first place, everything would have be solved.

    1. Ruby Faith

      Ruby Faith

      You really didn't cause any trouble, no need to be sorry :) Thank you for your donation and I hope you enjoyed the game!

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