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  1. You are allowed to be disappointed if you think Chanyeol wasn't given enough lines or if you believe he would stand to gain more from his movie promotions than promoting as a group. I don't think anyone is trying to invalidate your frustrations with SM, but hoping his Cfans cancel their album orders is a bit much, because doing that would hurt no one but Chanyeol. I don't know why people are acting like SM doesn't treat Chanyeol right, when he's one of the members who's continually pushed the most to the public. Just because he didn't get to promote his movie in this one instance doesn't mean SM has it against Chanyeol.


    And yall can be fans of Chanyeol only and not the group, but that doesn't erase the fact that he is in a group with 8 other members, that the reason he is where he is today is because of the group first and foremost. Stating that is not being an exo-l before a Chanyeol stan, that is literally just the fact. I was a Chanyeol stan for a long time before I came around to appreciating the whole group, so we're literally all in the same team here. But this sort of negativity and bitterness is really only going to set the group, and as a consequence, him as an individual, back. Especially if it is going to translate into tangible action, eg: canceling album orders. And like someone pointed out before, yall are not the only ones complaining. Stans of pretty much every member feel like their fave has been unfairly overshadowed, but this is something that can't be helped in a group of 9.    


    Also, asking people to not read the thread or reply or contest your thoughts just because you are in majority is really... undemocratic, for lack of a better word. Not everyone is going to agree on everything, but as long as we're all Chanyeol stans here and have his best interest in mind, I don't think it's a problem to have these discussions. Shutting discussions down because they are in contrast to what you believe is really nagl. I've been a long time lurker of this thread, and always appreciated how enthusiastic everyone here is, but yall also have to be open to different perspectives and realize that there isn't just one way for Chanyeol to prosper. He's doing really well imo, and he will continue to do well, regardless of the amount of lines he gets in the albums.


    I was trying really hard not to reply to you but since you posted again, I thought what the hell. I have been a chanyeol, and one of the things a hate the most is people implying that SM is the only reason Chanyeol is where he is today, because sm keeps pushing him into the public, he works his ass off, he want from being in the back not even having his face shown during his part to being one of the most popular member in the group overall he climbed up from where he was and that is why he gets opportunitits. That's why people know him and ask for him.


    Trust me I know he is apart on exo, I used to be an exol. But there will be a time when exo ends, so what sets him back as an individual is not him having individual fan (serious that's exo's whole market), it's not having the ability to work as an individual. And if we are not the only one, why are we the ones that need to be silented, why can't we rant about chanyeol in the chanyeol thread


    Opinion go both way just because someone has an opinion on an opinion doesn't mean you can't speak, but if some can't handle the opinion of the majority, well what can you do. I'm the frist that talked to the user whose opinion was different from the majority, I didn't tell them to leave, but it seems they didn't want to have a discussion. So...yeah

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  2. Well, again I think it has to do with the type of songs they have. The last album had a lot more rap parts in songs and he did have singing parts, but this album seems more RnB focused and so I can see why it's vocal line dominated. And of course it's fine to want Chanyeol to promote his movie in China but it's just not realistic right after the comeback starts~ They're gonna be doing music shows and such so it can't really be helped~ Also it seems like it's not just Chanyeol that people are complaining about regarding line distribution; legit every Stan is complaining about every other member taking parts from thier fave; that just can't be avoided~

    So....why is it realistic for Lay and not Chanyeol? Why did he tiredly shoot this movie, for it to be unrealistic for him to promote it. If it's so unrealistic (and a bust as someone else said) he should have never gotten the opportunity, it would have saved him lack of sleep, stress, and he could focus fully and only on the group. Like Babyyeollie, this is the POV of an EXO-L vs A Chanyeol fan, you're seeing it as what's best for exo while I'm seeing it as what's best for chanyeol, so I dont think we will see eye to eye on this.

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  3. You guys can, but some of you are saying that C-Fans should cancel their orders because he don't have lies, because he isn't promoting the movie. You are wishing for him to not gain anything from the comeback of his group.


    Some here are saying they don't care if he promotes his movie. You are wishing for him to not gain anything from the release of his movie. There will be another comeback in two months it's not that serious.


    Either way, I don't think people have to worry about him promoting with the group, sm won't have it any other way.

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  4. But I'm saying, rappers don't get that much lines anyway usually except the rap~ The vocalists are always gonna dominate these type songs~ I still think he got a good amount of lines considering~

    But what I'm saying is to say to he got lots of parts when he actually go less on this album then Their last album is kinda odd, personally right now I'm not focused on the amount of parts he got since I really want him to promote his movie and less parts is even more of a reason for sm to let hime do that but Ive been seeing many people saying he got tons of parts or he got too many parts which is simply not true. There are even people coming at him for their bias "not getting enough" part in a song he simply wrote the lyrics
  5. I agree, I been lurking and I'm kinda confused what everyone is on about~  :derp:  He got a lot of parts in Cloud9 and Heaven and I think he got fine screentime in the MVs, especially Monster~ I think he's doing great~  :chu:

    Am i the only one who think he contributed a lot in this album ? :._.:


    In all the other songs, i can hear his voice. Just to listen to Artificial Love, Heaven & Cloud 9 and you can hear Chanyeol. He doesn't even need to rap, just to sing a little bit and do the voice behind is already a nice step to contribute. Let's not forget that he wrote Heaven and sang a part in White Noise and Cloud 9...

    Maybe you guys honed in on his voice because he got 2-3 mins to himsilf in the korean ver. Excluding background vocals of course

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  6. Neg me all you want, guys, but as someone who has been reading without posting in this thread for a long time, you guys are being dramatic. Yes, Chanyeol needs individual promotion like everyone but he's first a EXO member. He say so, he wants to focus himself in EXO activities than, I'm individual ones.

    I also follow the thread but I use to be quite active.chanyeol has always put EXO frist, and I don't think it is in anyway dramatic for fans to think the main character of a movie should be able to promote it freely. This is a huge opportunity for him and for it to be sacrifice for a comeback that he doesn't even have a huge part in is disappointing to say the least. EXO will most likely have a repackaged plus an end of the year mini like always, so there should not be a problem for him to miss one promotion cycle.

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  7. Why is almost everyone so sure Chanyeol's straight? Lol

    I would even say that Kai seems much straighter than him, or even Chen...

    And I saw many moments in whcih Chanyeol stared at Baekhyun just as hard as Baek at him... Idk they're so cute and low-key tbh i think they're adorable anyway~~

    Also someone asked about Beast and idk much about them but Hyunseung and Kikwang ping me soooo hard tbh

    I don't mean to come in here like this, and in general in not saying this because I think chanyeol can't be gay or bi, but I just had to comment on this. And I can't tell if you're just shipping (in which ill leave you alone) or serious about this, but I really don't think you should take staring as proof of anything since literally every ship and dating rumor uses this, and there are quite a few pics and videos of chanyeol staring/looking at people (both men and women)
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  8. Some black kpop fans be doing the most when it comes to Beenzino, but than wanna call him racist when he sets their ass on fire for talking shit about his gf. Like what did you think was going to happen when you talk shit about his gf directly to him, he was going to drop the bitch and start fucking you. Please.

  9. It's is going to be really cold hearted to say but
    I'm sorry but even some of people saying PrayForTheWorld and the media only care about Paris and white people didn't give two shits about Syria a week. It's not like the Syrian refugee crisis has been going on for awhile it didn't start with the bombing in Paris. At the end of the day people care about what can effect them, and that's why the western world cares so much about Paris.

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  10. 1e0c58911cdf3542abf4c17296e1d72b.jpg

    I love him more than everything but this is only time I would like to tell him to stop :-( this really isn't going to be good for him I can tell he's going to bashed till the end of the world for this. I really don't want him on smtm.

    Trust me it doesn't matter what he raps about he'll always get bashed either way. Because it's Chanyeol

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  11. Oddly I'm already done with the Sungjoon/Hyejin rs
    Now I'm more interested in the Shinhyeok/Hari and Hyejin and Hari/Hyejin rs dynamics

    The Sungjoon/Hyejin storyline seems done, unless one of them gets amnesia, or Hari becomes  evil
    Both of which would be odd plot turns, That I dont think would fit well, but kdrama writers have done it before so who knows


    Some may find Hari annoying but she's one of the most realistic (Maybe even most relateable) character I've seen in a Kdrama in a while

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