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  1. 3 hours ago, Truesy said:

    Projecting much? Yall complaining about whitewashing praised it JUST  for balckwashing 


    So now after black greek gods... black medieval eastern europeans... now disney is doing this shit. 

    Probably because many who complain about whitewashing actual care about representation.  At the end of the day all POC are not represented in media as much as white people and there are far less roles for POC . And that's why you don't see as many people upset about blackwashing vs whitewashing, a couple of black people cast in roles that most see as white isn't going to hurt white actors since there are still 1001 white roles for them vs poc who already have a finite amount of roles. Things are getting better in terms of representation, and maybe when we get there people would care about whitewashing as much, but we still have a bit to go.

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  2.  [+92, -3]
    I'm not hating because she's black. There's just something with her face... The Little Mermaid is supposed to have a freaking small, fair and pretty face with red hair and red lips. If they cast a white girl and that she didn't fit the image, she would've gotten as much hate and people would all be saying how she doesn't fit the role. But people are saying that people don't like the casting because she's black and that they are racistㅋㅋㅋ The female lead also has no tact


    It's interesting that this comment says it has nothing to do with her being black but the actress either has all the qualities they've listed for Arial or its something that can be done through hair and makeup all except her being fair....

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  3. I think this is stupid but lbh buying albums helps him just as much as putting up these ads...in the end neither benefit him at all

    either way I don't really care if people want to throw up their money to feel like theyre doing something 


    Honestly I'm really interested to hear what his side of the story on this whole debt thing since it really does make sense, but I doubt he'll talk about it when he has to deal with drug chargers 

  4. 34 minutes ago, Newton'sApples said:

    Euhhh... First, IRC,  He was the one who left the group or Starship wade him leave, blame his company for that. He should have just apologized and return the money back but he did nothing of that! 
    You're thinking like that because you're his fan and support him, I wonder if you felt the same with Microdot and Sanchez that had their career destroyed for the same reasons...  

    I say this as someone that's not his fan, this isn't something worth his whole career being destroyed.  I'm not so sure this whole situation could have so easily been fix by him simply paying back the money and apologizing since I kinda doubt this situation is truly about the money, plus knetz and the media wouldn't have let it go anyway. I think the point of this was to ruin his reputation and/or his career and the timing attest to that. Plus if it was just about the money why bring up personal details about his past. I mean really if he truly owes them money this isn't going to make him want to pay them back more, He's already lost, essentially what reason does he have to pay them back there's nothing at stake for him anymore


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  5. 5 minutes ago, Bluebells and Snowdrops said:

    Hi there

    You cannot delete your account. You can ask to be permanently banned by a moderator, though. In that case, you can only come back if you request to do so on Twitter or have someone else request it on OH.

    Thanks I'll just leave it than

  6. EXOLs should stop acting like western recognition doesn't matter at all and Armys should stop acting like it's the only thing that matters and asia is unimportant both sound ridiculous  

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  7. I'm pissed cuz chanyeol literally had the BEST SUGGESTIONS ever! I didn't mind his winning badge that much but it was definitely inferior to the suggestions. Everyone was voting for WC so it was either bloatedyeol or cheetoyeol and I went with the simpler one. It doesn't look bad in previews imo..  :cry:qDUgmTE.png


    He looks so hot in 3 how did it not win?

    tbh any of these would have been great but noooo 10 wins somehow. I'm done with people's tastes.  :rlytearpls:


    I'm so happy about the xiumin badge tho.  :rlytearpls:

    I was surprised 10 got so much support because out of all chanyeol's suggestions it looked the least like him, it looks like it could have been a different person lmao


    The winning badge may not be the best #justice4option3, but it's better that red!yeol, every picture just doesn't work as a badge, even if it's a good pic

  8. I'm going to say this and go back into lurking since it seems someone made a passive aggressive comment about this situation, which normally I wouldn't care about since this person didn't have the balls to actually discuss anything with anyone I find actions like this petty and 'dramatic'.


    But for people that don't get it, yes many of us are individial fans, but just because we went chanyeol to do something without exo doesn't we are hating on exo. In this discussion/argument(whatever you want to call in it), we have talked about chanyeol and thing in accordance to chanyeol, and the fact that that would be seen as hating the other members is laughable considering the other members were barely brought up.


    Even if I never see eye to eye with someone, I can respect someone that is able to hold their ground and discuss something they believe with another person without quickly running away, and giving passive-aggressive comments about the situation to a group of people that had nothing to do with it. Anyway I think it better for me to go back to lurking.

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  9. But exo-ls, by and large, have supported individual member efforts in the past. There is no precedent in this fandom to imply that they wouldn't come through for Chanyeol, unless something happens for the fans to alienate/ostracize him. No solo effort from the group is going to sell 660k in pre-orders or anywhere even close, so I am not saying every exo-l will/should buy his solo albums, but the difference would be significant if only Chanyeol stans support him as a solo artist versus if the whole fandom came together to back him up. The f(x) fandom is notorious for only supporting individual members, so you're right, if Krystal or Victoria were to go solo, they would sell a lot more than Luna did. Chanyeol is popular enough on his own that it's virtually impossible for him to flop as badly as Luna did. He wouldn't flop, period. My original point was that he would just be more successful if he has the entire fandom's support not just individual stans, and I stand by it.




    But it isn't just a personal opinion. Ex'act is already poised to be another million seller. He stands to gain much more from being in a group that is a triple million seller than a foreign movie that will most likely have little to no impact. I'm sorry, but I am utterly failing to grasp the importance of promoting this movie that you all feel so strongly about. Do yall seriously believe promoting this movie and skipping out on comeback promotions is going to help him in the long run? Do we really need exo-ls to turn away from him, accusing him of prioritizing solo activities over group promos when the group is at their peak, like we've already seen it happen with Lay?


    We all know Chanyeol ultimately wants to be a self-composing artist, that is literally his one Big Goal in life, which is why I don't think he would be interested in a long term career in China. Yes, EXO is not going to last forever, but they're not disbanding any time soon either. Prioritizing solo activities right now at the expense of his group would be highly premature and very possibly controversial. He will carve out recognition for himself outside of EXO in due time. For now, he is better positioned to achieve his dream if he stays focused on the group and his own music.


    You think exo will become lengdary and that's why you want chanyeol to be about of this comeback, that'sounds an opinion. Exo being million sellers is great but it's become the norm, it's not shocking unless they can manage to out do themselves. This is something EXO has already achieve. The movie having no impact is again another opinion, and the point of promotion is to get as many people as possible to know about in and interested in it. I guess we simply won't see eye to eye on this but I fail to see how a comeback that's going to be like every other comeback is more important or will bring him anything new over his frist movie as a main character. Do you truly believe this comeback will be different than any other comeback they've had, that they will achieve something new and special that they don't already have that he can't possibly miss out on one month of group promotion. Or that EXO can't possibly promote without him for a little. Because I very much doubt this happening. And like I said before, he will have many other chances to promote with the group, unless his movie is released in other countries he won't have another chance to promote it. You really don't need to be worrying about chanyeol getting hate, he is already one of the most hated members in the group. Chanyeol has already done more than enough to prove his dedication to the group and one of the things people are worried about with lay is he will just up and leave, which is simply not an option for chanyeol right now and SM will make sure he never realizes that's an option for him which is probably why they keeping a tight leash on his chinese activities and contacts (can't have another Jessica situation I guess).


    Trust me,I really know what he wants to be and I probably want it for him more than he does. But under SM you shouldn't count on it happening until NCT gets popular maybe around the time he goes into military service. It seem you see exo as a group that's still, but personally I think unless they are able to break into the U.S market or suddenly become big in the GP, I don't see it that way.He has like 5-6 years left, let hope he can achieve all he wantsaid and makes a name for himself under SM in that amount of time.

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  10. that part was LIT !






    they both did very well





    are you seriously talking to this sad pre teen?

    lol dude this user is angry with lots of issues don't mix with the people who have anger issues

    Sehun always got little to 1 second and his fans are still positive

    Lay didn't rap in monster m ver and his fans talk about the issue in a mature manner while this child is just bitter because this comeback isn't suiting her fancy lol


    just let the sad people be sad and the angry people be angry they have a negative energy don't get mixed with them and yes spazz about how sexy and talented Yeoli is let the salt eat them alive 6CUqrVN.gif


    we have a saying where i'm from "ignore them till they rot" 6CUqrVN.gif

    I'm sorry but are you talking about a specific group of sehun and lay fan because sehun fans have complained about lot about his role in exo blame sm and even chanyeol for him not getting the chance to show "what he can do" they have bashed chanyeol plenty thinking their bias can better if not for sm's golden boy and lay fan also blame chanyeol for their bias didn't get enough parts, but in general many lay fans don't like chanyeol and often bash him for even the smallest thing.


    You use two fandoms that often shit on chanyeol and complain about what sm is doing to their bias to show as an example of maturity

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  11. I wasn't aware of this. Can you shed light on exactly what is going on/what happened? Much appreciated.




    The main reason I think prioritizing group promotions over the movie is a good idea is because the album is going to be massive (or rather, is already massive), and add to the group's legacy of continual success. That is the kind of hype I want connected to Chanyeol's name until he is well and truly ready to go solo, and make it out on his own. On the other side, we don't know if the movie is going to do well. Personally, I don't think it is as I already stated previously, but who knows really. Either way, it's a huge gamble, and not something that would be worth it in the long term to put before group activities. 




    Nobody is asking you to be silent... Presenting a contrasting view is not asking you to shut up, I hope you realize that. Of course, Chanyeol is successful today primarily because of his hard work and talent, and it is solely to his credit that he is one of the most popular members today, but those things do not negate the fact that SM gave him the opportunity to succeed, to begin with. Where would he be today if he hadn't been picked to be a member of EXO, or if he hadn't been scouted to be a trainee? You can have your grievances with SM as a company. I do not agree with how they choose to handle a lot of things too. But at the end of the day, none of our faves would be here if it weren't for their company.


    You do realize that it's actually going to hurt Chanyeol if he only or mostly has individual fans, and loses the support of exo-ls, right? Look at how badly Luna flopped because f(x) stans didn't come through for her solo. Individual Chanyeol stans are much greater in number than Luna stans, I am sure, but my point is that if he has the support of exo-ls, as opposed to only individual stans, then his solo effort is going to be much, much more successful. 




    This was easily one of his most introspective interviews. He's matured a lot and become so much more eloquent, I love it! I was glad to read that he's finally decided to ignore the pressures of making the kind of music everyone would love, and is allowing himself to compose whatever the heck he wants. His answer about his greatest fear was very bittersweet. It's clear the boy has lost some friends along the way, but I hope he's surrounded by people who genuinely care about him now.  


    I seem to have managed to antagonize a lot of people on this thread. If yall think I am not enough of a stan, because I have differing opinions, then it's really too bad. I'm not going to sit here and try and prove my love for Chanyeol. I know he was relentlessly bashed in the past, and sometimes it was warranted, but a lot of times, it was bandwagon hate, so I understand why you guys are so sensitive. But attacking anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with you, and questioning them when they say they are a stan is not cool. 


    Anyhoo, thanks to the person who posted Chanyeol scans from the album! Boy's serving looks per usual.


    How you feel this album will do is only a personally opinion thought, for instance I don't thing this comeback do any better or worse than exodus did, and I don't think it'll get growl recognize by even a little. And yes a career in chIna be worth it in the long term because the brand "EXO" won't last forever and exo as a group started pretty late in the game. When I think of long term success I don't think about him in a group I think about him as an individual because that is how he'll end up.


    Luna flopped because both her individual fandom was big enough and she's not the most popular in the group, if you want compare chanyeol to someone in f(x) with a similar circumstance wouldn't it be Victoria or Krystal. I'm not saying he should do any group promotion this year, I'm saying he should be able to promote his movie, the one his the main character in, with out problem, and if that mean missingredients a little group promotion that should be okay

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  12. To answer your question, because Lay, as a Chinese member, is still meant to promote in China, even more so since he is the only one left, so it makes more sense for him to promote in China than Chanyeol during comeback time~ But you're free to have your own views on his activities as an individual Chanyeol fan~

    SM should have been reminded of that before letting chanyeol and sehun have main roles in Chinese movies, maybe the thought of Yuan was clogging their sense

  13. Yes, that is why I am here.




    I want to make it clear that even though I do love the group, I put Chanyeol first as my #1. So, this isn't as clear cut as a group stan and an individual stan disagreeing. As someone who looks out for him before the group, I really believe that it's in his own best interest to promote with the group right now. Prioritizing the movie promotions over group promotions is like looking for instant gratification over focusing on long term success. It's unfortunate that the schedules worked out in a way which didn't allow him to be able to promote the movie freely, but again to argue he should not have worked on the project at all, if he wouldn't have been able to promote it is such an extreme reaction. Even if he doesn't promote the movie, it is hopefully still going to bring him some visibility in the Chinese market. Him not being able to promote the movie doesn't take away the hard work he poured into the project. I understand you guys are upset, but Chanyeol is going to be fine. That is literally all I'm trying to say here, that he is going to be fine. Again, you are allowed to be upset, I was really only hoping to alleviate some of your concerns. 





    Are you for real...? This is seriously so juvenile it's embarrassing.


    I personally think choosing group promotion over movie promotion would be more instant gratification over long-term success. What could promoting this comeback give him over promoting his movie?why do you as someone who is thinking about chanyeol best interest, think promoting this comeback is better? But I really don't understand.
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