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  1. It's still not released, maybe they're still translating it? unsure.png

    the airing hours was pushed back due to a special program but it should be out in a few hours




    EP 2: nice episode, I'm loving Hyoudo already. MC on the other side is kinda hard to like but he surprisingly doesnt annoy me

  2. omg don't pour salt on my "why does yuasa's masterpieces always flop?" wound :(


    acca actually did better than i expected and sold more than overhyped winter shows like maidragon 

    japan has shit taste if they cant appreciate yuasa's god tier animation


    really? I didnt know that. I though it flopped cuz not many people watched it haha laugh.png 

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  3. Sakura from Naruto / Orihime from Bleach




    I dislike Bakugo from my hero academia but I believe he's well wriitten. He doesnt get converted by protag's nakama power and stay true to himself till the very end thus I give props for that. I still dislike him though


    Mineta too. His character is just tragic and miserable to the point I question the mangaka's intention when he created him to be a hero


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  4. ao haru ride's protags are both annoying

    I hated all bakuma characters with a passion

    seven deadly sins's protags were all unlikable 

    this disrespect for luffy warstarplz.png
    i hate most shounen protags but luffy is great


    nice DP and sig

    medicine seller is great


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