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Status Replies posted by Cosmo

  1. The preson in your profile picture is Asahi???

  2. aishiteimasu i love yewwww....

    1. Cosmo


      Kyou no anata wa sukoshi yasashiku kanjimashita
      Deatta hi wo oboete ite kuremashita
      Mou sugu kono akai nikkichou mo nisatsume wo
      Kai ni ikanakya ikenai (Kedo) mayotte imasu
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  3. vatouh are you secretly an exo stan cuz all you talk about is exo and now you're searching for exo and voldemortyeon interactions :S

  4. Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. then your love would also change.

  5. It would take a lot more than Kihyun jerking Hoseok off for Hyungwon to wake up.

  6. Are you a troll?

    1. Cosmo


      btw i am this user now, u should post more troll threads i miss them

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  7. Hi, thank you for adding me! What is your name? How are you? ^_^

    1. Cosmo


      you're welcome! btw i switched acc from whistle to this one :) my name is aron and i'm fine, wbu?

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