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  1. Type A includes blu-ray of the AOA's Summer concert in 2016 and 7/1 Live vid


    Type B is same as Type A except it's DVD instead of blu-ray 


    Type C includes DVD of new MV making film, and other MVs


    The member CDs include a picture label of said member


    All versions give 1 random photocard and if it's like the previous album, the album itself will be the photobook.

    Also you get a mini photo if you order before this Saturday on woopscd.

    Ahh okay. Thanks for your reply~

  2. Is the example even correct? Package 2 is half the amount of sugar but is less than half the price...
    I figure you would compare, for each package, the amount of sugar (weight) divided by cost to get the amount of sugar per dollar. More sugar is better.

    Haha, no the example wasn't correct. It was just showing how it would execute.
    But yeah, I figured it out a couple of hours ago and did what you said, forgot to update my post. Thank you though!!

  3. If anyone is familiar with beginner level Python, I need a little help lol. I have a problem that is irritating me because I dont know how to work this out. We are currently learning on if, elif, and else.

    If someone even knows a formula to use to solve it, I can do the rest
    EDIT: Solved :)

  4. Yassss doctor stranger!! I actually like it a lot! I dont get what the reviews are talking about honestly. some eps do drag & some parts do get to me but i think overall LJS delivered or all the actors/actresses delivered & it's a good drama. You haven't finished right? lol sorry if i spoiled something. 


    yasssss bae is beautiful!!!!!

    LJS is one hell of an actor. --Doctor Stranger spoiler--


    I loved Doctor Stranger, but ugh.. The relationship with Dr. Oh really made me feel. I wanted them to end up together.. even though I knew they wouldn't lol


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