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  1. 4 minutes ago, Angy said:

    i know yugiwedokpwd

    i thought juyeon stood out a lot in reveal, d.d.d and the stealer. For reveal i thought eric stood out the most....... mainly because of the hair though ah. Yeah i hope they change the distributions for the next comeback

    Seeing them succeed so much after rtk feels so good oof


    oh no

    i would never forget such thing tsk tsk :hurr:

    it feels very summery so i like how anticlimactic it is when i display it when the cold arrives eh

    I can't talk for reveal but d.d.d he obviously was the center here, and stealer too. 

    I feel like it's a fever dream at this point. I was giving up hopes after hyping them for so long and suddenly it really happens - god really said tbz world domination


    I really hoped you forgotten smh ;-;

    also I think I send you something on what I think is your discord? pls tell me I didnt flop

  2. not el giant ass screenshot i

    rip ultra night vision users


    20 minutes ago, Koya said:

    the bucket hat killed it 😔

    at least kevin never disappoints fhdsuogsfh

    fgiudfoigudogi HE LOOKS FINE WITH A BUCKET HAT he looks fine in anything his power

    but ill respect your taste

    and true kevin never disappoints, you see the way he serves on my dp? legend 

  3. 7 hours ago, Angy said:

    mark ssi seems like a cool dude indeed 

    juyeon is pretty much the unofficial center of the boyz now, since d.d.d he has been standing out a lot

    i did i did

    i even gave u credit ah

    ye I would want to be friend with him 

    TBZ isnt supposed to have a center, they change depending of the concept (you already know that ik) It used to be Hak then it went to Q to Sunwoo to Hyunjae to Younghoon to Juyeon

    Juyeon was  for DDD, I think Sunwoo was for tattoo, then Reveal I kinda skipped over but I was on the impression it was Sunwoo\Hyunjae again lol
    So in conclusion Juyeon got less center time then some still, mmm I don't think they'll make him an unofficial center, I think it's because the concepts recently fit him very well - as they enter the more mature stage -  but I can see the next comeback being another member easily. 

    While for example vocal line tend to be centering b-side who have heavy vocals tracks, you especially see this in their concert. 
    I actually hope he doesn't become the only center cause I especially like the fact that it's rotational and that some members have yet to center a comeback song.

    I thought you forget about the drawing fgioufoihfugih Damn
    guess it's fitting for a scary halloween ugh, I would be scared of looking at it  😭

    6 hours ago, Koya said:


    Younghoon should be 10 too idk lmao

    fiogudfoigu I thougth you were a hyunjae fan you got me there 

  4. 7 hours ago, Angy said:

    that's very interesting

    not what i expected, seeing mark-ssi first

    we truly have different tastes when it comes to nct uh


    and honestly who hasn't been simping on juyeon ooff

    idk who's my 1st or 2nd tbz boy so i'm skipping it for now kek, but verivery interesting also

    I haven't really said I liked mark before either - its all new to me
    I'm just realizing now too

    yeah our list was all inverted, but it's alright we equilibrate it anyway 
    so everyone has their fans

    Idk I feel like everyone has been recently
    was surprised to see him in top5 male visual list on OH of like half the people here 
    I feel like it's a new development I should pay more attention

    now that the boyz truly is beginning world domination I decided to afk rip



  5. Wait what if I do one for the boyz...Angy you make me wonder now. This one gonna be hella painful cause I genuinely like them all... Interesting to see how my brain work it out. I'll exclude hwall cause obviously he is not there anymore anyway.

    1. Juyeon - the way when I started he was one of the member I couldnt remember, he didnt even had center time but look at him now making his way to being an hit-boy. I've been simping on him since D.D.D. I hype it the most rn ig. I love them all tho
    2. Kevin - Love his attitude, his way of thinking, his endless stacks of meme and vines that he just quote non-stop. Make it feel like a friend rather then a bias
    3. Sunwoo - Amazingly talented, funny asf, always been up there since I started staning. A mood, his dancing is so sassy
    4. Hyunjae - I only really started putting high in my list recently. Idk i'm kinda obsessed now, love him and his wack humour
    5. Jacob - I would kill for this boy, hes precious and he really improved the most of all of them. Hes almost a main dancer now, look at him go
    6. Eric - Precious asf, Funny, energetic boi, He has a lot of iconic parts recently too
    7. Sangyeon - ugh.. Hot. Love him hes just a really nice leader. His voice is always top tier
    8. New - A belting legend, super talented, extra sassy. His vlive are so iconic. He has that attitude I aspire to get one day
    9. Haknyeon - He's been really good since RTK, especially in dancing. Love the style he is going for, and how confident he is
    10.  Q - His green hair are just peak visual right now. hes insanely talented. So many people really owning this era tho so that ranking is really hard mess
    11.  Younghoon - I just wanna say even if he is last I love him ;-;. I'm watching his whole drama just for him and Jihoon. He was one of the very first members I liked as well. 

    🤔 Just glad the boyz is finally not getting slept on.


  6. My nct ranking based on my years of listening to them and just watching certain content. I wouldn't call myself a stan cause it's on\off but I feel like it was fun to do.🤔

    1. Mark - Because hes consistent every era. I just like his vibes, his rap style, his personality, hes chill
    2. Lucas - I have an on\off hate relationship with him cause I just want to fight him but yeah he was my bias for a while
    3. Jaemin - I like his personality, chill vibe, he was my bias in dream for a long time, have some iconic lines in songs
    4. Yangyang - Hes amazing I love him lol, mostly his humour align with mine, nice rap, epic
    5. Ten - Amazing dancer, I watched a lot of his dance video on competition shows and such so I care more about him then others ig, I like dancers in general
    6. Haechan - His voice is my fave of all nct, I still remember when firetruck dropped and was obsessed with his line, funny
    7. Taeyong - Controversial to some but I don't dislike him. I like a lot of his content, his style
    8. Johnny - Funny, Talk english - I like chill people
    9. Jaehyun - kinda sounds like a old dad but his visual are nice, and he has his moments
    10. Kun - I like him a lot but I dont know why, I havent heard about him in a while tho
    11. Jeno - Nice rap, cool, dont know much about him but I like
    12. Jisung - nice dancer, dont know much but since hes ally bias I have a soft spot for him
    13. Hendery - I like him, fun
    14. Winwin - never really been a huge fan of him but since he was bias of so many people I know more of him then some
    15. Taeil - Dad meme, nice voice
    16. Renjun - Iconic in a way, I dont know much about him otherwise
    17. Chenle - Cute, nice voice
    18. Xiaojun - I just.. have no idea who he is really lol
    19. Jungwoo - He was missing for a long time, never vibed with him either way
    20.  Doyoung - Never vibed with him either but he has a nice voice
    21. Yuta - idk.. I liked him at debut but now circumstances make me warry 
    22. Sungchan - new- idk shit about but he was in the mv I like
    23. Shotaro - new - dont even remember seeing him once rip

  7. @Trashie

    I wasn't on OH yesterday so I just saw the thread. But i'm gonna say it again here : Happy Birthday my dear Ally ❤️💙💜 Hope you enjoyed your day! I wish I could give you more cause you deserves wayy more. You are one of the most amazing friend I ever had. Truly we can connect together without even talking to each others, it's just really is a perfect friendship. You will always be there for your friends and you will always be the sun in the room. Hope you know how much special you are!

    Love you 💜💙❤️


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  8. 6 hours ago, lighterxx said:

    But honestly, having the Boyz on with really big groups that were rumoured such as NCT or SVT, its like giving free buffet to your enemy

    I think that's why companies are hesitant. If they succeed another group succeed and have their popularity, if they fail, their image will drop and again, another group will gain from it

    There is literally no win for very popular groups, unless we are only going to invite 2nd gen 

    I don't see that way at all. Did anyone even bash\laugh of the other groups on RTK after they lost some rounds? The closest to being bashed was Pentagon and even then I saw more comments praising their vocals. They ended up getting more fans in the end, just like every other groups, they all gained from this. Yeah sure, some groups are gonna gain more traction then others in this show, but it is really a lost for the other groups? Not really. It just give insane new performances for fans and non-fan to recommend all-alike. Yes the group that join might not have the best performances in the show if they do, but they still gonna be high quality regardless. The only way I can see a group getting failed if they join, is if they make a very disrespectful performance... and I like to think that in 2020 they know better but hey. If Kingdom is the same format as Queendom, the competitive side won't be as important anyway, and it's more about the experience there.

    Also you shouldn't underestimate The Boyz capabilities. They are able to hold their end with bigger groups. They'll do fine regardless of the rest of the lineup.


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  9. The results of RTK weren't really visible at first so perhaps groups (and/or company) weren't as tempted to join, and due to it, weren't able to cast enough groups to make it happen. Even tho it might have looked lackluster at first, no one can deny how great this show did for everyone joining in the end. So I think this could very well happen in 2021 after all. It will also depends of the lineup to be successful, so the show's previous hype doesn't particularly play a role here in my opinion.

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