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  1. As someone who is in a very long term relationship and everyone probably expect me to marry at any time by now, I don't really want to? I'm perfectly okay where I am mentally and so is my SO. If he decides to propose I wouldn't say no, but it's just not what is important right now in our life, and he is thinking the same as well. My parent never got married and were one of the most happiest and loving couple I ever seen, I asked them before when I was younger why wouldn't they marry (yeah like why? I see marriage all the time in the movies, parent are always married, etc) and they just didn't feel the need, they aren't less of a couple because of it. However, this is kind of a dumb reason but, I thought it was pretty hard to get things tied up when my dad passed away without them being married, it took my mom so long because she didn't have the documents they usually use. And It's when I started realizing maybe if I'm far into it might as well do it, just so things are more organized in case if something happen, not even because I want a big marriage, or even for the symbolic, but purely for legal reasons.

    I guess this is just how it is to be older lol. However I do like the idea of a grand wedding that I took a long time planning. Just think it's not worth the money and effort right now.


  2. I would say aesthetic. If we are talking about clothes I need to love the piece absolutely and it need to fit me well. But I also never really brought anything rather uncomfortable or too tacky. I guess I just prioritize good quality in the end. If its more about houses stuff, I do prioritize comfort a little more, but it needs to be my taste.


  3. 18 minutes ago, Green Tea Is Green said:

    Obviously Kim Wooseok


    Just realized I stan every catboys in existence 

    16 minutes ago, deobizone said:



    Made me feel bad for going for Juyeon
    Cause tea Hyunjun is the ultimate catboy 🥺

  4. During RTK I had the absolute urge to see The Boyz perform Secret Story of the Swan by IZ*ONE after I keep listening to a reverb version of it. I feel like they would totally do it justice.

    Also Since LOONAxTheBoyz collab happened I also want them to cover each other songs mm maybe LOONA doing Salty.. the flavor


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  5. 51 minutes ago, KentasGlittery EyeMakeup said:

    Oh my God???????????????? I'm so sorry! That sounds horrible, especially the stalking. Oh my God!


    13 minutes ago, abra said:

    That's one of the worst stories I've heard from OH, I'm sorry that you had to go through that

     If I remember correctly the guy was after other girls on the forum too, and they warned me about him, I blocked him everywhere, but it was after I told him at which subway station I was living near (a clown). Somehow since I used it everyday he found me cause he also knew what I looked like. It didn't last that long cause he left the city not long after... I was lucky to get out of it pretty easily.

    I hope no one else has to go through that tho. That was really scary.

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