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    And although you can only see his eyes, Kakashi was the first adult anime character I thought was hot, child me couldn't understand why Sakura was so obsessed with Sasuke when Kakashi was RIGHT THERE.


    Kakashi was my biggest crush in Naruto lol. I think my second was Kushina

  2. Hi! New fan here (well not really....) ilikeitplz.png


    Been following 17 since their Pretty U era, been a while but recently they've really cemented themselves as one of my top bias groups! Monsta X has been one of my biggest bias groups and they were the ones who introduced me to this group! I love their music and Carats have been pretty sweet to me! I'd love to get the members a bit more so definitely recommend some videos! 


    It's nice to meet everyone here! chuplz.png

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