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  1. Was I the only one who didn't mind Asta's voice actor? I found him endearing. Probably because I'm so used to watching Naruto LMAO. Really slow at the beginning but it gets super hype after. Super excited for Season 2 with more of the demonic side. 

  2. same about the mv. it's gorgeous, but I expected a bit more of the story. but I was watching the showcase yesterday and when they showed the making, there seems to be be a lot that has been cut off. so maybe they're keeping it for a different version. I'm looking forward to it if there is something like that, I want to see some drama.


    and yess can't wait for the music show perfs!

    I was thinking they were going to pull a Fantasy and have 3 MVs; the official, the performance, and a story ver.


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  3. Scentist is trending at #33 in Canada! Go Canadian Starlights! (want to insert a picture but I'm on my phone; how do you insert photos?).


    Love the new album. My faves are Silence and Trigger, true bops.


    Also they're all freaking gorgeous. KEN IS COMING FOR ME. Gotta stay loyal to Hyuk tho [emoji24].

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