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    so I've been having problems trying to log into the website. I'm using my Twitter account and it keeps on saying that an "error has occurred"? Could someone pls help me? I would be eternally grateful rlytearpls.png 


  2. wait aren't there only 2 seasons, where the hell did a 3 season came from


    There's a season which has like 4 episodes? It's kind of a filler between the first and the second season with the Commandments. 

  3. so I guess he likes to sightsee and take buses?


    We're the same! And how does they all look exactly like their predebut pictures???


    lmao they're such babies<333


    Are they still pre-debut photos if they haven't debuted yet LMAO 0u0plz.png


    They all look freaking handsome

  4. stay warm  


    In Canada? LMAO I wished warstarplz.png


    I'm sorry to know you've been having a bad day, I hope it gets better chuplz.png


    Thank you! Hopefully my day can get better lovestruck.png



    Yes! He seemed aware of the camera thus he didn't turn over to his right laugh.png


    Yay for a new face to spazz over!

    Sometimes I read temperatures like your area's and I'm kinda envious... since I like the cold.meowfaceplz.png 



    20 minutes left to Beomkyu! Watch it be Taehyun instead imhappyplz.png


    You can take this cold pls. I love winter but I'm a fan of snow not the cold... rlytearpls.png




    my bus broke down today and I was hour late to school, so my day was already off to a crappy start. especially since it's canada and it's like -14 degrees today RIP. but this made me much more happier


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  6. I've been reading webtoons for over a year now and I'm soooooo happy BTS decided to do one too! However, my heart has been forever broken. Why did they need to replay Jungkook's death over and over again? warstarplz.png





    I've never read a manga/manhwa or webtoon before, but i like it, so if anyone wants to recommend other ones (webtoons) i'd love it!



    Some of my personal faves are:



    Days of Hana

    Lost in Translation

    Freaking Romance

  7. So i watched the whole 3 seasons. i want more ! so fans had a movie. I didnt watch it yet but if you have can you please tell me at least what the movie is about. I didnt watch the trailer either


    We must be connected or something LMAO. I just finished watching all three seasons last night. ahmagahplz.png


    Still have to watch the movie though, though I have heard good things about it. 

    It’s so good, season 4 apparently doesn’t come out till 2020 :(




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  8. I can't believe no one mentioned Kimi ni Todoke. warstarplz.png


    It was my first romance manga and after reading the first chapter, I instantly fell in love with Sawako. An awkward teenager like me? I loved her immediately. 


    (The manga may be over but it's still being translated so when will I ever get to finish? rlytearpls.png )

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  9. The first season is okay... but I would recommend reading the manga first.


    Root A was a clusterfuck we don't talk about. 


    Both seasons of :re had TERRIBLE PACING and skipped out on so much shit, that it was like you needed to have read the manga beforehand to actually understand it. 


    In conclusion, just read the manga. 

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