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Eugene Carthaginian

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    DSP Media City (Moscow subsidiary)
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    I am interested in K-Pop since 2001.
    My first biases: Lee Jung Hyun(Techno Queen) and Fin.K.L. I liked solo albums Ock Joohyun.
    In the second wave of K-Pop I liked Kara but only as the quartet: (2007 and 2014-2016). YoungJi my main bias in Kara.
    I also like Orange Caramel and wonderful voice of Raina.
    Lately I liked Girl's Day. Minah also has an excellent vocal.
    I like Jisook(Rainbow) and Sohyun(4Minute).
    Chamsonyeo(YoungJi, Sohyun, Lizzy and G.NA) was the most interesting show-group.
    I liked Crayon Pop songs.
    The best modern Korean actress - Chun Woohee.

    Lately I often visit South Korea and Japan.

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