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    Heeeey other MooMoos! My name is Sohye (you can call me Elly too its my nickname!) and I became a fan of Mamamoo after viewing their stage on Immortal Song! I can't pick a bias still and I am just saying all of them are my bias hehe^o^

    Hope we can be friends and spazz about Mamamoo together:)


    Welcome to the farm! Wheein is my current bias! That pic omg. My heart.. [emoji7] [emoji7] [emoji7]


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  2. hi everyone, new mamamoo fan here :meow: i fell in love with them after coming across their performance of Passion Flower on IS2 on youtube. seriously, their vocals gave me goosebumps.


    i had always thought that mamamoo was quite underrated, but seeing their achievements with their latest comeback makes me glad that they are getting recognition for their talent. Plus, the other day i saw that mamamoo's fancafe was quite large too.


    and plus, lately ive been watching solar on WGM. She's such a cutie <3

    Hi! Welcome to the thread! [emoji5]

  3. I know I'm butting into the conversation here but I'm the same tbh. It's probably unhealthy to be obsessed with both and I've been feeling SNSD less since Jessica left. It honestly seems to me like the SNSD I was obsessed with ended with her departure and now it's a different group which I still like but isn't THE SNSD.

    Exactly. I'm just really into taeyeon since then lol and mostly I like their japanese releases. Maybe I'm looking for something new and fun and then I found Mamamoo by watching weekly idol haha. Then i stan Solar hard bc of her powerful voice, and I tend to like the leaders first with good vocals, so yeah. And now I'm on the radish farm, and loving it. [emoji1]

  4. Holy hell that's fucking fantastic! It's now one of my favorite things they've ever done.




    Heh. This happened to me with BTS, and then when I first started paying attention to Mamamoo I didn't want it to happen again, but it has and I got sucked into the radish field.

    Yeah it just happens and I'm close to leaving the sone fandom for 4 years T.T
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