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  1. Hello everyone!


    I've never posted here before, so I thought I would now. I heard the song Woo Hoo for the first time on Spotify randomly today and have been obsessed (I'm still listening to it now :lol: ) They're really talented and have great voices! I wish I started listening to their music sooner.


    I'm still pretty new to Mamamoo, so I don't know most of their songs still. Do they have any other good songs similar to Woo Hoo? ^^ I can already tell that I'll be a fan, so I'll probably visit this thread more in the future.

    Welcome to the radish thread! ^.^


    Hi, guys. Some of you may not know me, though I've been around here much, but there's something I want to say.




    As you guys know, I've said it a couple of times before that I have considered this thread as my second home.

    I've met people from different backgrounds but with the same goal: being a MooMoo.


    I hate to do this but I guess I need to take a break from OH for now, or maybe for good. I don't want to leave this place because I don't want to miss out on the news about one of my favourite girl group EVER! Plus, their solo concert is coming soon!


    But OH has given me too much disappointment these days and it's not helping me at all since I'm having problems in my anger management. Not to mention this is Ramadan, the holy month, and I'm fasting this month but all this disappointment and negativity I'm receiving from this forum really disturbs me and I can't do fasting peacefully. I guess I need some time to think alone and fix myself.


    Maybe I'll come back someday, maybe not. But even so please know that I've enjoyed my time here. I've met you guys, which I've never met in person but I have considered as close friends and even family. I never regret meeting you guys because then I could buy Mamamoo album, listen to their bops and ballads which are filled with vocal slayages, enjoy the spazzing time together like we're all in the same room. I will forever treasure this moment.


    Thank you, guys! It's been an honor being a part of this radish field. And thank you for having me.

    Sorry if I've made mistakes before. See you guys next time.


    ellectrified signing out.


    :rlytearpls: :chu:



    You're kinda familiar to me, when I was still a silent reader i always see your name around.

    Wishing you all the best. ♡♡♡ :)


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  3. MAMAMOO’s Fans Help Out Fellow Fan With Hearing Impairment


    MAMAMOO’s fans, called Moomoos, recently banded together to help their fellow fan.

    On June 8, the fan posted on a MAMAMOO fan board, stating that they were in their twenties and a fan of MAMAMOO.

    “Hello,†they wrote. “I am hearing impaired. Lately subtitles are coming out on broadcasts so I can enjoy them. My one regret are the MAMAMOO videos on the V app. Without the subtitles, I cannot understand the content of what they’re saying.â€


    Fans replied to the post, saying, “Name a video you want and we’ll make subtitles for you.†Not long afterwards, a video was uploaded with accurate subtitles and a note on which member was speaking each line.

    The hearing-impaired fan, known simply as “A,†wrote a thank-you post in reply. “Everyone must be so busy but they took the time out to do this. I teared up while watching it. Thank you so much.â€

    Since then, the fans have been uploading subtitled videos for “A†on a regular basis, and “A†has been writing a thank you message every time.

    Source (1)


    thats why i stan this group they have a good heart

    Wow I got goosebumps. This is really really nice. T.T


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