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  1. New to MAMAMOO And new to this thread! I really want to get to know them I watched their Weekly idol episodes and Currently watching their showtime with g-friend,I first Saw them on immortal song and I was very Shocked when I heard their voices :omg: :omg: :omg: instant goosebumps !


    If anyone is kind enough to tell me more about the group and how many shows do they have I would be very grateful :chu:

    Hi friend! Welcome to the thread! Omg so nice to see you here. ^.^

  2. i write fanfics too :hurr: but this is my first time writing about mamamoo, will pm you the link when it's finished fam


    mine contains moonsun and wheesa :hurr:

    Yeah sure thanks! I hope it's kinda angsty but not one sided? Lol. Mostly the moonsun fics I've read were so sad and Moonbyul always getting dumped. XD
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