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  1. Hello all!


    New moomoo here. I discovered Mamamoo around "you're the best" promotion and I'm not gonna lie, straight up stanned Whee In right away after I watch their latest Weekly Idol episode. She is so close to being my Ultimate Bias now. After that, went to listen to their album which actually my taste in music.


    I have a question though! Lately i noticed she's mellowed down considerably (compared to how she was this whole time before You're the best) and its starting to get me worried. Any reasons for that?

    That's what I'm feeling with Wheein when I first saw them lols. ^.^

    Hi! Welcome to the thread! :)

  2. Hello Buddies!

    It's my first time posting here and I decided to stan GFriend bc why not haha. I've been enjoying their Showtime eps with Mamamoo. I hope we get along and please take care of me lols. ^.^

    My fave songs from them are Me Gustas Tu and Rough, pls suggest some more! :) And my bias is SinB! Can't get over with her dancing to "Do Ya Thing" [emoji7]


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  3. Hello everyonee a new mamamoo fan here!!♡♡☆ why am I just found out about them now😭😭 through gfriend showtime I've been impressed and ended up all day youtube-ing their videos and falling in love with them😭😭 like seriously why are they all so cute and talented and soooo fun😭😭

    please take care of me well and introduce me moreeee to mamamoo divasðŸ˜ðŸ˜ I've watched all their immortal songs eps, weekly idols, and some clips and I love all the six ships 😠moonsun, the lemak line, rapper line, the main vocal line, the two kids jeonju bestfriends, and wheebyul the dancers lol

    Hellooooo! Welcome here new radish! ^.^


    do moomoos hate solar's partner should moomoos be happy paired to a gentleman guy like him and less fanbase in short bashers? or some of here ship eric to other girl? look eric is really take care of solar properly and i believe that they just getting to know each other they just natural lols im soo glad she paired to a bigger fanbase idols its scary tbh if she paired a a-list k-idol lols




    BTW they have a radio interview outside of WGM tomorrow no script needed for them lols






    I actually like Eric for Solar tbh.

  5. So, I just recently saw a thread that asked for the most precious song/ song that always makes you cry for fans from their group, and I struggled with this one. Mainly because, I view every single song from MAMAMOO so precious. But, I wanted to ask everyone, what song from MAMAMOO is the closest to your heart??

    I Miss You makes me emotional whenever I feel lovesick lol.

    And for upbeat songs, I always listen to Piano Man bc it's a legit bop. ^.^ Woo Hoo as well, giving me good vibes in instant. [emoji4]

  6. Hello everyone! :ahmagah:

    I've been lurking around as guest here and there, but decided to make an account today on OH. I can't say exactly when I started to like Mamamoo, though I know that they snatched me in their IS2 performance, Flying Into The Deep Night :chu: :chu: (and become a fan of IS2 in return, no regrets at all)


    Since then my love for them just keep growing and growing, and I'm really happy that they've come so far :rlytearpls:


    I actually have social media accounts everywhere, but I'm too lazy to use it to socialize :datass: For example, I have a twitter acc, but it ends up as a ghost acc because I only use it to search for update from MMM and MMM fansite pfft.


    I will try to be as active as possible here, since this (and Tumblr, which oddly active lol) is the only place I can spazz on the girls.



    Please take care of me :stare: :stare:

    Welcome to the radish thread! ^.^


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