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  1. hi you' all I'am a new mamamoo fan.Decided to come out and introduce myself,It has only been a week since i've came across solar's pic and then thought woah she'a hella pretty.not gonna lie I usually got attracted In stanning idols because of their looks.i've searched about her and found out she's more than just a pretty face her voice is just :rlytearpls: .Because of solar I got to know more about the other members hwasa,whee in,of course moonbyul and the adorable moonsun ship and after four days of binge watching their show. I was immediately drawn to the group.Their voices are mesmerizing I quickly got addicted to their songs.And now I don't even know why I suddenly decided change my dp :omg: I guess there's no turning back now,I have decided to stan these four beautiful creatures.


    they're the first non sm group i'am going to stan and even if they're not from the big three I wish them more success in the future because they deserve more love. :datass:

    Welcome to the radish thread! ^.^

  2. No. I died. Currently attempting to revive myself.... but my ghost is typing this for me.


    I only just recovered The Celebrity and then saw sexyback and now her abs are out to kill me... please.... someone tell ha to go easy on me... i want dat tteokkbokki fam

    I know! She's so fit. ^.^ I envy her haha. You need to stay alive but I feel you. :D
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