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  1. Hi! It has been a while since I've stopped by here but I suddenly remembered about onehallyu and decided to come scope the reaction to the comeback and I see it hasn't changed much lol. However it's nice to see longtime supporters that have kept updating us!

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  2. For reference:


    If you haven't worked with BTS up on a stage then I don't want to it.

    They'll lip sync when the do but they can do it live just as well so again... I don't want to hear it.





    I was introduced to my coworker's best friend because they wanted to catch a ride to Speak Yourself @ Rose Bowl! I thought it was cool because even though I see ARMYs around school I don't approach anyone, I'd love to meet more AMRYs irl


    AND my other housemate has been humming BWL unconsciously after I played it for her ONCE hurrplz.png

  3. tumblr_ppmbvrcs3v1svb0geo4_400.gif




    "There are only two kinds of people in the world; BTS fans and future BTS fans."

    -glasses, 2016


    LOL I love this yes everyone stan BTS!!! I've been seeing so much of this! Viral kings whose names people use! 



    So pretty rlytearpls.png

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    ah since I had to travel home I couldn't respond earlier but I did want to thank everyone who answered and respond a little...


    I've been debating this whole time which song I would pick from my list of favorites. Honestly this is so hard. warstarplz.png



    Butterfly. Posting before I change my mind again, this was a nightmare. rlytearpls.png 



    I'm sorry! Ah I don't know why that came to mind lol but I like the same songs in your list as well and if I went off of that then I understand it had to be Butterfly, but its hard to imagine a world without it rlytearpls.png



    answer: love myself.  lyrics are pretty and probably their best i think but i've listened to it about three times? including the time i saw them live in LA.  also circle room cypher fuck that bitch


    oh wait i didnt fully read.  i think i'd delete hiphop lover



    also i don't think you don't respect bts if you end up not liking one of their songs lmaoo.  not every song ever made is gna fit everyones taste.  rolleyes.gif

    Oh answer: love myself  is also one I'd usually have to be in the mood for but because they sang it at the concerts it's earned a special place in my heart... ahh! the hiphop lover live performances would be too much to let go of I don't think I could do it lol You're a brave soul laugh.png



    I would delete Hold me tight, sorry :/


    OH NO! I was just thinking that I forgot to add this song to my GOD tier.... lol ahh its okay you're forgivensmile.png





    Back before YNWA era, HOC use to be in my Top 5. Throughout the years as BTS produced more albums it's been pushed down. Probably in my Top 30 nowTT


    Uggghh BTS discography is so good! I love how much they experiment and how diverse their discography is...but still have that BTS color to all their songs. BTS music is one of the reasons I'm ride or die lol I'm stanning them till the end!



    Yeah this is pretty much my experience with HOC, I still love it but I love SOO MANY songs lol 

    I agree their music is such a big part of the reason why they'll always be number 1 for me! So many happy memories ahh rlytearpls.png  




    i would delete Let me know, i guess. honestly i like the song but i usually listen to it unless i'm in the mood for slower/sad songs and i'm not into that type of mood much lol





    oh i forgot to mentioned House of cards and Love Myself as fav hgytytyhuiuy. these two songs still sound fresh to my ears

    OH NOOOO Let Me Know warstarplz.png my poor GOD tier, my ultimate favorite BTS song if I really try to narrow it down is between Dead Leaves and Let Me Know, but ah I get what you mean about being in the mood for slower songs.. I'm just in the mood for that like 80% of the time LOL 




    Thank you everyone for taking the time to think about this question! It was really interesting to see!!! Sorry for my weird question that kinda took an off turn... Thankfully this was fake and we can still keep every gem from BTS' discography




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  5. I'm late lol but yay at the b side appreciation, one of the strongest opinions I hold about BTS is that their B sides are consistently stronger than their title tracks.



    To answer the question about what songs I'd delete, most of my would be answers are title tracks so I actually won't delete them because if they released a different song at that time to promote they might not have reached the same success. I can live without If I Ruled The World though, I can't take Joon seriously at all in that song unsure.png Miss Right can go too.



    AHhh you came for Miss Right when they're so cute when they perform it omg... lol It'd stay on my list haha



    Lol I understood you intentions. To pick from my favorites, is a cruel question, indeed.



    I'll go with Rainwarstarplz.png 



    I'll try rephrasing it if I can...

    Oh no RAIN!?!?! lol I can understand... I think we had a lot of the same favorites. For me, some of my favorites are Dead Leaves, Let Me know, Ma City, 2nd Grade, Whalien 52, Paradise, Love is Not Over, House of Cards, Trivia: Love, Trivia: Seesaw, Serendipity,  Uhgood, Seoul, P.o.P, Hope World, The Last, So Far Away, Ddaeng, Mic Drop, Euphoria, Forever Young, Anpanman, WINGS, Moving On, Boys With Fun, Attack on Bangtan, Converse High is iconic okay, Like, Where You From, Tomorrow, Dimple, Baepsae, 2! 3!... basically their entire discography LOL


    So Dead Leaves, Let Me know, Ma City, 2nd Grade, and Whalien 52 are GOD tier for me they’re not going anywhere but if I had to choose one from the rest of OT7 it would be easiest to let go of......... maybe..... House of Cards?? idk this is hard lol



  6. I am very cruel to say this so i gotta put this on spoiler




    it has to be i'm fine. unsure.png  it is one of bts's most comforting songs but the song's just not my tea. and not just that, it also sounds so mediocre to be a bts song. i'm sorry everybody, this is just my honest opinion on that song. it's my least listened song on the whole answer album too.





    I can understand your opinion! I listen to I'm Fine when I'm in the mood for it mostly... but I like it enough




  7. I wouldn't 'delete' any BTS song from their discography, even if I don't like some of them. I respect their choice of the songs for the albums and their hard work.


    I'm actually even not in the mood to discuss the topic like that right before comeback, so I'd be very thankful for Spoiler tag for that smile.png

    Sorry I'll change that,

    Although I don't think my intention was clear, I meant that more as you are 'forced' to delete one of your favorite songs so which one would you let go of... this whole 'I don't like the song so I'd delete it wasn't my intention' sorry about that unsure.png




    I think in my case it would be:







    I can't decide which one I like better, it depends on my mood  laugh.png






    My most listened song of bts ever.


    Then tomorrow, dead leaves, seesaw, outro tear and pied piper



    lol you're welcomehurrplz.png



    This question is always difficult for me. I don't have just one favorite.


    Moving on, Love is not Over, Dimples, Love Maze, Ma City, Serendipity, Sea, Rain, Tomorrow, and ASS

    Honorable mention: Blue Side and P.o.p (Hope World), So Far Away (Agust D), Seoul (Mono)


    BTS mellow and slower songs usually have more replay value for me. Their upbeat songs are usually my favorite at concert, watching award shows and fancams. They're the most entertaining. Satoori rap, etc, etc.


    Spring Day is a Queendave.png


    You've already listened to their earlier stuff to YNWA era. So that means you're asking for songs from Love Yourself era that's similar to Spring Day. Maybe try Sea, a hidden track from Her.



    A lot of songs, but for different reasons.


    Go to sad song: Move On, Born Singer

    Go to intro: Nevermind

    Go to performances: Entire HYYH live (Ma City/2nd grade are especially good)

    Go to dance practice: War of Hormone

    Go to fancams: Red bullets (in Chicago especially)


    Go to Spotify listening: Love Maze, Paradise, Fake Love, Spring Day, Pied Piper, Dimple, most solos


    Hypefest: cypher pt. 2, pt.3, Fire


    I feel like I can go on... But I'll stop before I start listing every single songs.


    I have noticed that I tend to watch their older performances more, but most of my playlists for listening have their newer songs.





    I forgot best song for the Christmas season.















    on top of magic shop, paradise, gogo, anpanman, outro: her & outro: tear, nevermind.. etc.  lots and lots alkd.  oh AND hold me tight!!



    Well my most fave BTS b-sides are three of Hwayang Yeonhwa's finest:






    I can't choose but I have the best bside from each album          

    We are bulletproof for too cool 4 skool              
    Attack of bangtan for N.O                
    Tomorrow for SLA, Just one day, spine breaker too            
    Dark n Wild is a solid album, so I like basically everything from that        
    HYYH, Baepsae, Whalien, Move, dead leaves, Young forever          
    WINGS : I like BST the most from this album, for bside I love am I wrong        
    LY. HER, Mic drop, Outro : Tear, Paradise, all their solo from Answer is top notch.

    Honorably mention, Blue side.              
    I'd love to hear full song as Hoseok or BTS release. It's a great rendezvous, listening to that one.                        


    In general, BTS came out with tons of high quality bside tracks, and more importantly the know they're good I think that's why I can never stop being a fan of them.  
    Out of all their discography, i think they only have less than 10 songs without live performance.    
    Even they made a live performance for Spine breaker, 3 years after the song released.    



    Top-10 of my favorite b-sides:

    Butterfly (actually it's my favorite Bangtan song ever, next to Run and Spring Day)
    Mic Drop
    Best of Me
    Cypher Pt.2
    Dead Leaves
    Ma City
    Just One Day
    Hip-Hop Lover
    Lie (my favorite solo song)

    ...Ddaeng isn't a song from the album, but she deserves to be mentioned. Just because za5g21G.png



    Since everyone is posting their favorite b-sides... honestly it's hard for me to narrow it down. In no particular order though: Let Me Know, Pied Piper, Cypher Pt. 3, Dead Leaves, Butterfly, MIC Drop, Ma City, Hip Hop Lover, Intro: Never Mind, Dimple.




    I want to be Evil even though I should be studying lol 

    If you all HAD to delete one of the songs you listed here from BTS' discography which one would you choose? 





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  9. 10 days left till the comeback!


    we still have the second set of concept photos, tracklist, album cover and mv teaser(s) !!!!!!!!


    Changed my sig again... i can't choose and this are only the concept photos 1 and 2, see me changing it again with the next ones laugh.png




    I LOVE YOU SIGS!!!!!!!!!lovestruck.png

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