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    Me: NYC. My Mind: The Gutter
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    Books, YouTube, K-pop (obviously).
    Also I'm a huge nerd so I spend a lot of my free time listening to podcasts about productivity and coding and playing with formulas in different statistical programs lol and I'm also a workaholic so what free time in the first place

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Sup? I'm Amber. I fangirl over a ton of girl groups, Lucky J, BTS and Big Bang. My two favorite groups are Girls Generation and Mamamoo. Moonbyul (blessed be her name) is my ultimate bias, followed by Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. 


I'm a college student, studying Actuarial Science and Global Business. For the fall semester I'll be studying abroad in Shanghai.  I am currently learning Chinese language for my international business major, as well as learning Korean slowly through all the shows I have time for. I spend all of my extra time on YouTube or with my nose in a book. 


I'd like to make some friends on here if you're up for it. Whether you just wanna fangirl over Moonbyul in a suit or want to have thousands-of-messages-long conversations about the intricacies of the Korean Entertainment industry in the global market, I'm down. 

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