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About Me


Bizarre is the Word | Good Morning Aomori

MY ULT. BIAS LIST (I'm OT_ for all groups):

Kim Jongin/Kai - EXO

Lee Hyeri - Girls Day

Hobi, Joonie, Seokjinnie - BTS

Lee Nayeon - TWICE

Yuju and Yerin - Gfriend

Chuu and Gowon - LOONA

Joseph Joestar GIFs | Tenor



Part 5-6 Art Style Phantom Blood | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Know Your Meme

JOJOVELLER: Joseph, Caesar and Lisa Lisa | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure | Know  Your Meme


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 4--Diamond Is Unbreakable, Vol. 4 (4):  Araki, Hirohiko: 9781974708109: Amazon.com: Books

𝐉𝐉𝐁𝐀』 ✧✧ Vento Dorito ✧✧ - GuCci GAnG - Wattpad

Jojo's - Stone ocean T12 (Jojo's - Stone ocean (12)) (French Edition):  ARAKI-H: 9782759505173: Amazon.com: Books

YESASIA: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 7 - Steel Ball Run (Vol.22) - Araki  Hirohiko, Jonesky (HK) - Comics in Chinese - Free Shipping - North America  Site

Pin by Hot Pants on Wallpapers in 2020 | Jojo bizzare adventure, Manga  covers, Jojo's bizarre adventure

(CW//Mention of Deaths under the Cut)




Rest In Peace, Angels



tumblr_p1653l5dhd1wuvv3do1_250.gifI miss her in f(x) but I'm happy that she's finally able to be happy for  herself 🌹









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