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  1. Just want to remind that variety and some of the gigs are two way street. That PD can and do ask for certain members to casted on their show. It is not just a matter of company sending it can also be a matter of PD requesting about a certain member. Example Sakura at Everyday Kitchen is casted by the PD. 

    And even if the Kid [Yujin] is not my fave in the group I respect her ability. She is a natural MC - as soon as they started those VLIVE I already have an idea that she will be casted in this kind of shows. She is also is naturally funny and play well with the 99z - so i do have an idea why she was sent with Yena on her show, she is a lot less awkward than Hyewon [who is btw is my fave].

    I think doing something like what they did with Eunbi, Wonyoung and Hyewon Mask singer guesting is good. Send them in small group on shows they can get an invite of.


    Though I do wish for Chaewon, Yuri to get sent to KOMS too in the future if they wanted to appear.  For Hyewon and Chaeyeon to be in some foodshow together. etc.. shows that can play to their strengths.

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  2. Lmao even better. 


    So essentially there's a tiny change that doesn't affect int Moomoos at all and everything else stays the same. 


    I wish all accounts with a large following would always check very carefully before posting something like this knowing what the mood in the fandom is like towards the company. Not everyone is on fancafe and reads stuff that's posted there and lots of fans are quite new as well. Most of us are heavily reliant on update accounts and translators. Plus the habits many people have developed when using social media nowadays means that fact checking is done rarely or not at all.


    Oh well we're about to get a solo MV teaser in an hour and everyone will forget about this storm in a teacup.





    Clarification tweet by LilySubs



    Well damn, I didn't even think that some people could get this creepy (secret up-close recordings?*shudder*) and that's why that filming rule is in place. Reason number 298645 why I could never be an idol. Good that RBW is trying to protect the girls as much as possible.


    I wish really they could check on it and fact check before spreading. :/ they are getting angry at nothing like literally nothing. People get angry easily over nothing nowadays because they can't wait for further info or search for abit.



    Honestly I'm not surprised at this move. Some groups entirely ban any fan gifts even outside fansigns and only allow fan letters and similar fan projects. Usually happens when the group has been earning well for a while and the group's popularity has risen so high that it's become burdensome to handle and store everything that's received. So RBW's restriction is mild in comparison. 




    I've also seen post-its get banned for other groups before so that's not surprising either. I assume one reason companies tend to ban this sooner or later is because they can easily be faked - I've definitely seen some obviously fake post-its for other groups roam around on social media that some naive fans believe to be true. Another reason could be that some fans might ask less than appropriate questions via post-its.




    As to the filming/taking photos rule:



    Now that I think about it, for a good while now we've been getting fancams only of the part after the actual signing ends and the girls get out in front with mics and start communicating with fans. That's the more interesting and fun part to watch anyway. 


    So all in all this doesn't really change anything for international fans. We will still get fancams from fansigns.


    Some Moos on twt are already jumping to conclusions and making a mountain out of a molehill about this but whatevs. It'll calm down again soon as it always does. 


    Honestly not much change. It almost the same rule as before - the only change is the food from reduce to completely banned. edit : added Also the banning of gifts.


    The no video during signing started I think  during Purple era it's always been fine during the phototime/session just not during signing.


    The post it according to thewheepup [who spent time in korea participating in fansigns] has always been banned.


    So IDK wht.. they are freaking out about. like. what!?


    RBW was just reiterating the rules. idontthinksobetchplz.png


    I know its popular for them to be angry at RBW but sometimes like... 

    I guess few people pay attention to those rules before.


    I love the concept!!! And the concept is - MAMAMOO

    White wind concept being about Mamamoo and all.


    Those dates are important dates to MAMAMOO and Moomoos.

    When they say Mamamoo from then to Now. A blank slate containing their history - damn it they are not kidding.


    June 19, 2014 - Debut

    Feb 12, 2014 - Fancafe Opening

    July 06,2014 - When Moomoos are born [announcement of fandom name I think]

    Feb 25,2016 - Release of first Full album.


    ^taken from moomoos on twitter doing detective works

    I wonder what dates will be for other members if ever the teaser format is the same.

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  5. Why am i struggling more and more each week to watch their videos imstupid.png


    I hope some MooMoos would consider translating these warstarplz.png

    I hope they get a subbing team. The one person that subs content is currently busy now [it's a Jieun Bias have not seen her in a while]. 


    While checking my spreadsheet I just realize we are close to 1 year anniversary of the Channel. I wonder if they will have something for it.

    The anniversary is March 28.

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  6. I love how deep Yuki and Jieun's voices are.

    But my favourite vocal out of the 6 is definitely Yesol - her voice is so fascinating and it's so unique too.


    Also I am so happy that they went to shoot outside. I've wanted an outside cover for so long, but well, it's winter and it's cold outside. Hopefully we'll start getting more outside covers in a month or two.


    Yep amazing how each of them have really different tone to each other.


    In that song I know who is who just by the voice[listening to it on another tab] and i know that by the time we - their fans increase in this thread some people will find Eunseong, Yuki, Sujin and Goeun's vocal tone be their fav.


    PS,. I love the harmonies. 

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